Friday, March 18 – Hebrews 13:16

Mar 17, 2022

And do not neglect doing good and sharing, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.

Have you ever had one moment that made your entire day? Maybe it was an encouraging word or a sweet gift received an otherwise ordinary day. Conversely, have you ever had a moment that ruined the rest of your day, no matter how well it started? In everyday life, it is difficult to be intentional about all we do. We view many moments as simply ordinary. In these moments, our tendency is to let go of intentionality and let our guard down. This is not always bad. But it can lead to those closest to us catching the worst in us. We don’t hold our tongue or do something thoughtful because we are focused on “me time” after a long day. While we each have a need to reset and step away, it is the Lord who ultimately fills us up and gives us true rest. When we find our rest in Him, we have a greater capacity to serve those around us. The ordinary moments of the day become less about how I can get a break and more about how I can continue to see God at work in my family and home life. May we never grow weary of being used by God to serve others. These moments are opportunities to engage with our heavenly Father in all areas of life. These moments are often hard and require sacrifice, but they are for God’s glory. Let’s not miss these ordinary opportunities today.

• Where in your life is it easiest to grow weary of doing good? Why?
• How do you (or can you) build time in your routine to be filled up by God so that you have the capacity to serve others?
• Pray and ask God who you can serve or share with today.

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