Friday, November 18 – John 16:33

Nov 17, 2022

These things I have spoken to you so that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world.”


Many operate under the assumption that a state of peace is external and requires an ideal set of circumstances. We think, I’ll find peace when ___ happens.


However, what Jesus taught changes the way we seek peace in grief. Jesus told His disciples peace could only come in Him. The goal of His teaching was to make sure His disciples were abiding in Him. It is only when we are striving for Him that His followers find peace. Jesus further explained that He Himself is our peace. The world will always bring tribulation and pain because it is broken, but He has overcome the world, bringing peace to the brokenness.


When we read about Jesus overcoming the world, it can be easy to move to external situations we want Jesus to conquer in our lives. But His Word to His disciples spoke of something else: a peace that could heal all brokenness for all people. The peace of Jesus is never found outside of Him, even in things that are closely related to Him. His peace is only found as we abide in Him.


In seasons of grief, what’s your end goal? Is it to fix an external situation? Or is to run to Christ with your brokenness so that you receive His peace that has conquered brokenness?


  • When have you tried to find peace in your circumstances? What was the result?
  • How have you seen the peace of Jesus in difficult circumstances?
  • Pray and thank God for His eternal peace that we have in Him no matter our circumstances or situation.
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