Friday, November 25 – Isaiah 52:7

Nov 24, 2022

How delightful on the mountains are the feet of one who brings good news, who announces peace and brings good news of happiness, who announces salvation, and says to Zion, “Your God reigns!”

There are certain people who influence us from our first meeting. The way they carry themselves or talk to us in a first interaction is enough to make a lasting impression. In a world of disappointment and gloom, the people who walk into a room with joy often stand out. This spirit is contagious and leaves people wondering what makes them different. On the flip side, we tend to avoid spending much time with those who constantly voice frustrations and pessimistic opinions about the world.

Today’s passage reminds us of the value of those who bring the good news of the gospel, both in the message they bring and the way they bring it. The person who is a delight to others announces peace instead of demands. The person who is a delight to others shares testimonies of God at work in his or her life instead of all the ways things are about to go terribly wrong. The person who is a delight to others shares words filled with joy instead of burdened by frustrations. Life on mission is not easy but can still be taken on with joy because we know the true hope offered in Jesus. Take this calling seriously, joyfully, and humbly, ready for the next opportunity God presents you to be the person who brings the message of peace found in Jesus.

• Who do you know who carries the message of the gospel with joy? What stands out about them?
• What is difficult for you about sharing the gospel with someone else? How does this passage challenge you?
• Pray and ask God to renew your heart, giving you fresh joy to spread the good news.

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