Monday, February 12 – Titus 1:10

Feb 11, 2024

For there are many rebellious people, empty talkers and deceivers, especially those of the circumcision.


When thinking of someone being rebellious, usually what comes to mind is someone who does not care what an authority has to say. Many describe the teenage years this way when young people go against what their parents taught them about dress, lifestyle, or choices. But the picture in our minds of rebellious teens or rebellious people of any stage of life is often external. We may picture someone dressed differently than what we find normal or with body language that communicates they are unwilling to listen to the instructions given by authority figures. But in today’s passage, Paul was insistent that rebellion is not limited to these external obvious markers. There is a rebellion of the heart that followers of Christ need to watch out for. The rebellious people Paul warned about were empty talkers and deceivers. They were viewed as religious but had hearts far from God.


When we consider this passage and where we need to apply it, we need to first consider our own hearts. Is Christianity a means for you to find friends, stand up for certain values, or fulfill religious practice? Could you be counted among the empty talkers? Or do you have a genuine desire to follow Jesus and have your life changed by Him? These questions are foundational. If our practice doesn’t come from a place of genuine love and devotion, we have missed the point.


  • Who are the leaders you have seen live out their faith in a genuine way? How have they encouraged you?
  • Where is your heart before God? Where do you struggle with being an empty talker? Where do you recognize a genuine desire to follow the Lord?
  • Pray and ask God to reveal any areas where you have not lived authentically for Him.
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