Monday, February 19 – Titus 2:1

Feb 18, 2024

But as for you, proclaim the things which are fitting for sound doctrine.


When have you struggled to discern the right thing? Many of us face that dilemma often. The problem is, we often recognize the wrong things to do but struggle with the words that would be fitting or the actions that would be best for the situation. After listing issues of hypocrisy, Paul shifted his focus with Titus, reminding him that leading the church would be more than telling people what not to do; it would also include doing the things that were pleasing to God. Teaching about sound doctrine and what falls under sound doctrine requires consulting the Word of God before you start to share your thoughts with others. In this digital age, we all have a platform of some type, whether it be our home, workplaces, or even our social media pages. We each have a space to proclaim.


So, what are we proclaiming? Are we proclaiming things that not only lift up the values of Scripture but also the heart behind it? Are we proclaiming our opinions or are we proclaiming Christ? Are we proclaiming so that we can be right or so that God can be glorified? We proclaim the things important to us that we think others need to know. Our posts, lectures to our kids, or conversations with our friends should be motivated by the Lord and the heart He has transformed in us. Because of Jesus, we have a special, hopeful, and eternal message to proclaim.


  • What are some things that you post about or proclaim regularly in your social circles?
  • What is the danger of proclaiming without consulting God’s Word?
  • Pray and thank God for the wonderful things you have to proclaim because of Him.
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