Monday, June 12 – Acts 16:25

Jun 11, 2023

Now about midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns of praise to God, and the prisoners were listening to them.


Do you ever just sing your guts out when your feelings shouldn’t really make you want to sing? That’s what was going on in Acts 16:25. Paul and Silas had been doing good things—preaching the message of salvation and exorcising evil spirits. But their good deeds seemed more despised than appreciated. In fact, they were resented to the point of blind rage as they were publicly abducted, attacked, stripped, severely beaten with rods, and thrown in jail.


It had been a day! Still, at about midnight Paul and Silas started singing songs of worship to God. Can you even imagine? In part, their singing could have very likely come from a place of emotional necessity. They were surely exhausted from the day’s events. But in their sudden and unwanted circumstance, they chose to pray and sing what they knew was true.


What an important and life-giving example Paul and Silas give for us today! There are moments, days, and seasons when life makes us wonder how we can be faithful or if God even expects us to. We can, and He does. One way He equips and empowers us to do that is through praise. We sing what we know. When we’re not sure we know it, we sing it anyway—and God makes it real to us. Singing praises to God helps us remember who He is in our circumstance and find courage to keep joining Him in His purposes.


  • What is a circumstance where praying and singing praises would embolden you to remain faithful to God?
  • What was happening as Paul and Silas prayed and sang hymns to God? When has another person’s faithfulness in difficult times influenced you?
  • Thank God for the gifts of prayer and praise that remind you of His faithfulness and empower you to remain faithful to Him. Take some time now to sing praises to Him.
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