Monday, June 13 – Acts 6:8

Jun 12, 2022

And Stephen, full of grace and power, was performing great wonders and signs among the people.


Have you ever read the qualifications for a job, only to feel like you didn’t measure up? Maybe you didn’t have the education requirements, time in the field, or expertise in a certain area. In those moments, it is easy to focus on your shortcomings. Stephen was not one of the apostles; he was a deacon whose role was to serve those in the church in a practical way. However, his ministry—through the work of the Holy Spirit in his life—stretched much further than that. It would have been easy to think of all the ways he was not as equipped as the apostles who knew Jesus intimately, but Stephen was faithful to his personal walk with Jesus and where that led him. Stephen had a deep relationship with God and a life marked by faith and power that led him to act as God’s witness even when it was costly.


In the church, it is easy to compare our faith to others. We may view certain things like sharing our faith or speaking up in our Bible study as too spiritual. Be encouraged, there is no such thing as a “super-Christian.” May we, like Stephen, follow Jesus faithfully exactly where He leads us even when it is outside of our comfort zones. God is not waiting until you’re completely qualified to use you. He is ready to work in your life by His power today.


  • When have you felt unqualified for what God called you to?
  • What is the danger of comparing your faith to others?
  • Pray that God would equip you in your faith for the next step He has for you.
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