Monday, March 6 – Psalm 103:8

Mar 5, 2023

The Lord is compassionate and gracious,

Slow to anger and abounding in mercy.

Do you consider yourself a patient person? Maybe you’ve thought of yourself this way in the past until you encountered a situation that demanded every ounce of your patience? Or maybe you considered yourself a kind person until there was a person so rude to you that your kindness was tested. We would like to consider ourselves people of many positive attributes but each has its limit. When we get pressed with difficulty or adversity, it is hard to keep to our principles even if our desire for them in sincere. What is amazing about God is that His character never changes. He is always loving, even to those who are difficult. He is always slow to anger, even in a frustrating situation. He is always abounding in mercy, even to the most undeserving.


Where our positive qualities have their limits, His abound. It is a blessing to us to receive such love, graciousness, and compassion, but it is also a calling to cling to the character of God, knowing He equips us to love and live as He does. Jesus called His disciples to love like Him in John 13:34 when He said, “I am giving you a new commandment, that you love one another; just as I have loved you, that you also love one another.” This is a high and difficult calling but not one we take on by ourselves. Our heavenly Father has equipped us with His tangible example of sacrificial love in Jesus and His Holy Spirit so that we can love others in the same way. Every moment we practice His patience, His compassion, His graciousness, and His mercy, we live as representations of who He is to the world and invite those around us to be reconciled to Him.


  • What are some things that cause you to “hit your limit”?
  • When has someone loved you sacrificially? How did that impact you?
  • Pray and thank God for His abounding mercy and love. Ask Him to equip you to extend that love to others.
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