Thursday, August 18 – Psalm 127:2

Aug 17, 2022

It is futile for you to rise up early,
To stay up late,
To eat the bread of painful labor;
This is how He gives to His beloved sleep.


As we try to prioritize rest, we will begin to think of many excuses for why we need to keep going. If we aren’t careful, by the time we do take our break, go to bed, or sit down to read our Bible, our time allotted to rest has dwindled. A child has to learn the difference between a want and a need. They often want to do two things at once—be up in their loved one’s arms and on the floor walking beside them. They want all the sweets and snacks all the time. They want to stay awake as long as their eyes will stay open. Over time, they learn the more complex reality that what they want is not always what they need, and what they want is not always possible. It’s important that we learn this on a spiritual level as adults.


As we chase after one more thing to do on our way to rest, we miss out on the very thing we are looking for. We feel our desire to be productive instead of our need to take a break for communion with our God. He provides our rest and meets our needs. Taking time to rest and press pause on the busyness of life requires us to discern our wants from our needs and to trust God with all the things we feel like we need to get done as we slow down to recognize Him. Can you identify what it looks like in your life to experience rest from God, or has it been so long that you can’t remember what it’s like? Sit down outside, take a walk, read His Word, journal, sing His praise, or eat with your family. God is with you in the stillness, He is speaking in the quiet moment, and He is stirring your heart as you seek rest and refuge in Him.


  • What are some obstacles you face as you seek to rest?
  • What are some restful things that remind you of who God is?
  • Pray and ask God to help you rest in His ability instead of your own, trusting Him to provide for your needs and rest.


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