Thursday, May 26- Genesis 2:25

May 25, 2022

And the man and his wife were both naked, but they were not ashamed.


There are many areas in life where people carry shame and humiliation. It’s amazing to see how Adam and Eve, in their original design, were naked and unashamed while they were together. It wasn’t until the sin of the fall that they realized their nakedness and felt shame and humiliation. But this didn’t change God’s plan for their intimacy. God created Adam and Eve to be together in the most vulnerable and intimate way—in nakedness, with nothing hidden from one another. And He gave them the relational context in which it was appropriate to be this intimately known: the covenant of marriage.


If you are single, messages on purity were never meant to be oppressive commands to keep you from what you want. The marriage relationship is the earthly picture of the divine covenant we have with God in Christ. If we were made for relational community, it’s not wrong for us to desire marriage. The call to purity outside of marriage is a call to recognize the beauty and sanctity of what God has made. If we believe His design for life is truly the most joyful and fulfilling life we could live, then to honor what God has reserved for marriage is the most joyful and fulfilling life we can have.


Married readers, intimacy in your marriage is a part of the design God has created for this relationship. Wedding vows commit each partner to this intimate life together in every season. Entering the marriage covenant is a commitment to, among other things, make yourself intimately vulnerable with your spouse.


Whether you’re single or married, you can enjoy the life of being vulnerable and intimately known by God.


  • How is the relationship of marriage like the relationship between Christ and His church (see Eph. 5:22-33)?
  • What season in life are you in? Single or married? How can you honor God in this season of your life?
  • Pray and ask God that you would glorify Him in every stage of your life.
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