Tuesday, February 14 – James 1:17

Feb 13, 2023

Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow.


There are some things we know we want, some things we think we want but end up not wanting, and things we never thought we wanted but find out we need. We may pride ourselves on knowing what is best for us, what we want, and how to achieve our goals, yet time and time again, we see there is a lot for us to learn. Children ask for many things—toys, treats, and privileges—yet they learn over time that everything they want is not actually what they need and that what they want sometimes doesn’t turn out as they thought. Parents guide their children, saying no at times or possibly saying yes at unexpected times to give the children what they need to the best of the parents’ ability.


Too often in our relationship with God, we are like children asking our heavenly Father for all the indulgences we want, but not trusting He will give what we truly need and lead us to joy in Him. We are often disappointed when we hear “no” or “wait” from God because we think we know best. However, when we look at Scripture, we see that He has the whole picture in mind, not just the small brushstrokes. He never changes His promises, even though we often change ours. In every moment that we waver or have doubts of Him, He never falters. When life does not turn out how we expect or we face disappointment, we can trust the One who never changes to meet our every need and bring us true joy in Him.


  • When have you been disappointed by something you thought you wanted?
  • How has life turned out differently than you expected? How have you learned to trust God with those things?
  • Pray and thank God for having the full picture in mind and never changing in His promises.
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