Tuesday, February 7 – Job 42:2

Feb 6, 2023

“I know that You can do all things, and that no plan is impossible for You.”


These words came from Job at the end of His struggle and wrestling with God over the hardships that had come His way. Like many of us, when Job was confronted with hardship, he struggled with the question, “Why?” His friends tried to give him many answers, and he tried to come up with some answers on his own, but at the end of the day, none of them could truly bring resolution. Like many of us, Job ultimately needed to be reminded of God’s sovereignty, even and especially when his circumstances were grim and painful.


We need to be reminded that nothing is impossible for our God. We may have a miracle we want to see or a specific way we want Him to work but even when those prayers are left unanswered and the miracles don’t come to pass, we can stand secure in His sovereignty. His ability to do the impossible is not on our terms but in His perfect timing. Even in the darkest of circumstances—times of loss, sickness, and despair—His ability is the same and His power still prevails. Let’s keep our eyes fixed on Him even when we feel lost like Job, wondering why or where to go. God does not leave us alone in these times. His sovereignty is true, His promises endure, and His presence is near through the Holy Spirit, even in our darkest hour.


  • When have you asked God why in a time of trouble?
  • What would it look like to trust God’s sovereignty in these moments?
  • Pray for a friend who is struggling with difficult circumstances, ask God how you can love them as they wrestle with questions of why.
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