Tuesday, May 23 – Acts 13:3-4

May 22, 2023

Then, when they had fasted, prayed, and laid their hands on them, they sent them away. So, being sent out by the Holy Spirit, they went down to Seleucia and from there they sailed to Cyprus.


Scripture exhorts us to live on mission daily. Our individual lives should be marked by the intention of spreading the gospel in everyday circles (Acts 1:8). And our life as a church is to be marked by the intention of spreading the gospel around the globe.


Both necessitate prayer and intention. When we do not fast, pray, and give daily focus to living our lives as those who are sent to proclaim the good news of the gospel message, we will miss opportunities.


The Spirit called Barnabas and Saul, but the two men did not leave without first seeking the Lord’s direction together with other believers. The Christians at Antioch fasted and prayed. They laid their hands on their two friends. Then they sent them out to go and spread the gospel. Barnabas and Saul were sent out by the Holy Spirit, who had commissioned the entire church to engage in that sending work.


The Holy Spirit commissions us to engage in His sending work too. As we live on mission daily, we must also invite the Spirit to show us where we might engage in His sending work around the world. And then we must act in faithfulness to Him in whatever ways He sends.


  • The believers at Antioch fasted, prayed, and laid their hands on Barnabas and Saul. Which of those three acts, if any, feel uncomfortable or unfamiliar to you? Why?
  • How do these two verses speak to you about the Spirit’s sending work and your role in it?
  • Confess any tendency you have to live without prayer and intention as one led by the Spirit and fully engaged with the spreading of the gospel.
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