Tuesday, September 27 – Exodus 33:9-10

Sep 26, 2022

Whenever Moses entered the tent, the pillar of cloud would descend and stand at the entrance of the tent; and the Lord would speak with Moses. When all the people saw the pillar of cloud standing at the entrance of the tent, all the people would stand and worship, each at the entrance of his tent.


Think about all the people you might see in worship on Sunday morning. If we are honest, it is hard to get to know—let alone experience unity with—people that we only see once or twice a week. It is much easier to see barriers or differences with one another when we have not had time together. What is beautiful about this passage is that it was worship that united the people of God. Even from the beginning of the redemption narrative, God has been bringing His people together to worship Him.


In this passage, worship happened as they recognized God’s presence corporately and translated it to how they lived personally as each person worshiped at their own tent or home. Worship was also a regular occurrence—whenever Moses entered the tent, whenever God’s Spirit was present with the people, the people would worship. Worship was a uniting factor because it took place more than just once a week!


In our worship, we recognize who God is in our lives, but we also remember who we are as a people in light of Him. Is this something that marks your life? Is this something you are regularly doing? We are a people saved and restored through Him. We are a people who have received the greatest gift of grace and mercy. It is only when we worship God, remembering who He is, that the barriers we have with one another crumble down.


  • What steps can you make toward unity with the followers of Christ around you?
  • How does worshiping God bring us together?
  • Pray and worship God for who He is and ask Him to bring unity in Christ to your family, church, and community.
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