Wednesday, April 5 – John 12:7

Apr 4, 2023

Therefore Jesus said, “Leave her alone, so that she may keep it for the day of My burial.


When on vacation, many people buy souvenirs to serve as a reminder of the special memories made. When we are back in the grind of regular life, souvenirs can bring a moment of joy or encouragement as we reminisce about the good times and hope another vacation will come.


When Mary poured out her perfume on Jesus, no one understood what was coming. None of the disciples or Lazarus’s family were truly prepared for what would happen in the following week. They would see the triumphant entry—a marker of celebration of Jesus—and also see Jesus experience great rejection from the same crowds. Throughout this time, the aroma of the perfume may have lingered, serving as a reminder of Jesus’s worth even as He was rejected.


Do you remember the first moment you understood the majesty of Jesus? Do you recall the difference He made in your life? When Judas questioned Mary’s actions, Jesus pointed to the purpose of her devotion, making it clear her actions were not done in vain. The moment of unabandoned devotion would be important to hold on to. Sometimes, as we are removed from the early moments of encountering Jesus, we forget the purpose of following Him. We forget the commitments we made or the way we loved Him so completely. These moments are not to be forgotten or discarded but serve as a reminder to press on in the difficult moments in life. They remind us that He is worth our all in every circumstance.


  • What are some moments that have been pivotal in your relationship with Jesus?
  • What are some truths about Jesus that you need to hold onto when feel defeated or discouraged in your faith?
  • Pray and ask God to call to mind the different ways He has worked in your life and praise Him!
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