121 Stories - An Atheist Finds Jesus

Join Us As Isaac Shares His Journey From Atheist to Christian.

Apr 9, 2023    9m
Join us as Isaac shares the testimony of his journey from atheist to Christian. Scientific proof that backs what is told in the Scriptures helped lead a young man from his life of disbelief to his salvation. Video recorded at Grapevine, Texas.

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Isaac: [00:00:03] I grew up kind of in a Christian household. The church we went to when we were a lot younger was, it wasn't like the best example of what a Christian church should be. And that actually for me, kind of was a big, big deal. I saw a lot of hypocrisy in the church, and it just didn't feel like authentic, it didn't feel real. It felt like everyone was just kind of putting up this like, perfect image of what a person should be, and it wasn't really like honest, right, they were just trying to look good in front of everybody else. My parents and both my brothers, they were believers, you know, they set a good example for me. We used to have these like really famous breakfast time, lunchtime, dinner time debates about God and the different things in the Bible, and me not being a believer, I just kind of felt more so like I was there to antagonize them, so I'd always ask these really difficult questions. But even throughout all of that, through the kind of screaming matches and stuff, they were still patient with me, and they answered the questions.

Isaac: [00:01:08] When I was about a senior in high school, is when I really started kind of going into the atheist route. At school, they don't really teach you about the Gospel, they teach you about scientific facts and things like that, which is great, but they don't really resonate or tell you the why as to why these things are happening, so you have to kind of look for that for yourself. I started to kind of just look into the atheistic ideas. I started to truly believe that there was no purpose outside of, you know, who we were. You know, we were star dust, that was kind of the catchphrase there. It didn't really matter what we did, so life was just kind of whatever you wanted to make out of it.

Carl Sagan: [00:01:51] The very matter that makes us up was generated long ago and far away in Red Giant stars.

Isaac: [00:01:58] It had to do a lot with, like, what I wanted, right, and what I felt. It wasn't what does God want, or what's the truth? It was just more so like, well, like for me, for example, it was convenient for me that there was no God because then I could do whatever I wanted, and that took me down a pretty dark road. I had a lot of friends that were atheists, and I had a lot of friends that were believers as well. And what I ended up starting to do was I started to mock the Christian believers, and it was just a really bad time for me.

Isaac: [00:02:37] We started seeing the new building come up for 121 and we actually thought it was a community outreach center at first, we didn't know it was a church. Yehuda and my mom were actually the first ones to say, hey, we want to go visit that church. So second service since the building opened, they started going. And of course, at that point, I had to go as well, but I didn't really want so much all of the God stuff that was going on, right? I didn't want to hear about Jesus. I didn't want to hear about the Father. I didn't want to hear about the Holy Spirit. I just wanted to be around people and talk and mess around. And so I had to go through, like sitting in the worship right during worship, awkwardly standing there, and just kind of having all these people around me worshiping God and I'm not a believer in God, and I was looking for any way to get out of that. And I remember because they said that they needed volunteers to greet at the doors during the worship. So I was like, oh, that's a fantastic way, I'll go do that, I'll go say hi to people, I can do that, and I don't have to be in the worship and church service.

Isaac: [00:03:36] And so I remember Barnes and Noble one day with my family and I wanted to pick up this psychology book, so I dragged them over there to pick it up. And my dad, I love them so much for doing this, but he said he was like, hey, how about this? He was like, I'll pay for the book, but you have to go, and you have to pick out a book from the Christian section. So I thought, oh, fantastic, sweet, I get a free book, you know, and I'll just pick out a small one just to kind of make him happy, right? So I went over to the Christian section. I looked for the smallest book I could find, and the book I pulled out was More Than a Carpenter, and it basically makes a scientific argument for Christ. So he would ask me, he was like, well, what is the book about? And so I would read it and then talk to him about it. Like I finished reading the book and he kind of went over like the scientific basis for a lot of these things. And he put in a lot of like verses in there that the Bible kind of spoke about those things as well. Right? They made me kind of start wondering, well, what's out there? What's the truth? Because I'm seeing something really strong over here that they haven't talked about in these atheistic circles.

Isaac: [00:04:43] So I started like watching these debates between like, atheist scholars and Christian scholars, and I started looking into other religions as well, just to kind of see where everyone kind of stood. With all these other religions, it felt like a lot of their arguments were very empty, just like a pseudo-spiritualism, right, where I feel this way and that kind of more so aligned with atheism. But when you actually look at the Christian Debaters, a lot of what they talk about is actual historical evidence and scientific evidence. And then like on top of all that, scripture kind of speaks into everything. It seemed like the way that Richard Dawkins puts it, if atheism is Godzilla, and this is like the Godzilla universe. Christianity's Mothra, right, that's like the big bad thing in the atheist universe. I didn't really understand that until you actually started diving into it, and you start realizing that a lot of the arguments that atheism makes break under the weight of what scripture says and under the weight of scientific evidence. And one of the big things that a lot of these atheists always say, well, it's not that I discard the idea of God, it's just the probability is really low based on evidence. And so right there was the hypocrisy that I tried running away from the church, right? And I saw in this debate just the bitterness that was in him, he wasn't really there to debate ideas, he just wanted to assert that what he was saying was true. He didn't care about the other ideas.

Isaac: [00:06:09] And one day when I was out in the church lobby greeting after all this, Ross comes up to me and he asked me, he was like, hey, how are you doing? And I just felt right there, and I told him I was like, I don't know if I believe any of this. And so he said, well, let's grab lunch and we'll talk about it. At the end of that lunch, I actually came out angrier than when I came in and I unfairly put all the weight on him. I said, you know, a lot of the questions he didn't have answers to, or there were things that I just didn't agree with the response that he had given me.

Isaac: [00:06:46] He was like, hey, how about we start reading the Bible together? He was like, let's start at Luke and we'll go from there. That day, and the next day I just spent my entire time reading through Luke to try to see what I could find in there and what answers I could find. And the entire passage, like you read about all of God's miracles and all the things that Jesus is doing, and none of it got to me until you get to the point of the crucifixion. And there's Jesus crucified next to these two criminals, and you start reading about how one of the criminals starts mocking him. And I just kind of sat there and I identified with that criminal so much, and I understood kind of where I was at at that point, and I could see myself in it. And here he was crucified, justly, he deserved to be up there, and he has the Savior of the world in front of him, and all he can do is make fun of him. And then you have the other criminal that understands what he was looking at there, he understood that this was the Savior of the world through what was something that had to have been revealed to him, and he understood that he was up there justly, and all he could ask for is please don't forget about me. And, you know. Jesus' response is not one of hatred, and it's not one of rejecting him. You know, he tells him, you'll be with me in paradise today. And that's kind of how I just felt the Holy Spirit fall on me, and I remember because I started bawling my eyes out and I didn't know what was going on. I just knew, I was like I want to follow Jesus.

Isaac: [00:09:03] Something that's kind of cool about kind of what God did in my life was when I was walking through it, I was looking at it and I felt like someone that was lost kind of stumbling through all these things and coincidentally running into all these resources and all these different situations. But now, as a believer, looking back, I see God's hand moving through all of it. Just every part was orchestrated just so that he could reach me, and that's what's so cool about our God, that he's an infinite God that will still go out and look for you, you know the supposed stardust.

Recorded in Grapevine, Texas.
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