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Learning from a couple who found their calling in ministry work.

Warren and Savannah Talbert
Mar 26, 2020    4m
A couple who found their calling in doing ministry work with unwed and teen mothers. They give of their own time, and get repaid in the sense of fulfillment that comes from helping others who cannot help themselves. Video recorded at Grapevine, Texas.

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Warren Talbert: 00:00 My name's Warren Talbert, and this is my wife Savannah Talbert, and we've been hanging out together for about 42 years now. We have a wonderful family, four sons, three daughters, and eighteen grandkids, and five great-grandkids, and I love them all. And they're all, I'm so blessed to have them, because they all love the Lord.

Savannah Talbert...: 00:24 About 15 years ago, a young woman approached me about having an abortion, and didn't want to do that for her. But it just so happens that the week before I was at an expo and when I went in, I stopped at this table called Real Choices, and that's as far as I went the whole night. I spent the whole evening talking with these ladies. I know why. So the following week, this occurred with this young woman, and so I knew that I could take her over to Real Choices and get some answers, and that's what we did. Instead of her having the abortion, she decided well, do we have any alternatives? Well, we had adoption, because she didn't want to be a mom. And she decided on that, and she gave birth to a baby boy who was adopted.

Savannah Talbert...: 01:21 This past summer we were sitting in a convention, and the Lord just spoke to my heart about doing something for the unborn. And the Holy Spirit just started bringing it back to me, how we helped a young woman, and that this is what he wanted us to do. And so I shared that with Warren, and immediately he was on board. Mercy houses, they house young women who find themselves in a situation of an unplanned pregnancy. And they house them, they support them, not only financially, but psychologically, and spiritually. Especially spiritually, they all go to church, they do the whole nine yards. You know, teach them life skills, finances, how to budget, how to take care of a baby. They can stay there up until the baby is three months, then they go to a transitional home if they have to. Places like, I believe there was a place called Crazy8 out in Cleburne, and Gate House that's here in the area, and they have a longer extended stay if they need to be there. And we just stop in, we're always invited, you know, we were invited for Friendsgiving a couple of weeks ago, which was wonderful. We went there on Wednesday, you mostly sat with the baby, and just had a good time.

Warren Talbert: 02:44 She taught them how to cook.

Savannah Talbert...: 02:44 They taught me how to cook, these girls can cook over there. You know, then we played games afterwards. And then this past week we were there, and I took my grandkids over there, they' been there a couple of times and they love it over. And there's a couple there that Warren just ministers to all the time. And, you know, I could hear I'm in the kitchen cooking, I can hear him in the background. I can sense them just pulling out of him, you know, what's there. Because I think there's a lot of dads that's been missing in their lives too, and to have someone of wisdom to speak into their lives in love, they just love it. And no they never want us to leave. As a matter of fact when we went there a couple of weeks ago, we said, well, we have to go. And she said, one of the girls said, well, where are you going? Another girl said, well, maybe they're going to get their blankets and pillows. You know, so that we can come back and stay, you know? So yeah, it like every time we go, you know, it's an opportunity to just minister. And sometimes I don't say anything, I'll just sit up and hold one of them, or hold the babies, you know.

Warren Talbert: 03:53 We have those lingering moments where we just stay there. And just, you know, hold the babies, or just fellowship, or you know, watch T.V. or something. Because it's just has turned into a real comfortable place, when we come there it's like we're going to one of our homes.

Recorded in Grapevine, Texas.
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