121 Stories - Sharing Faith at Work

An inspiring story of sharing the gospel message with a co-worker.

Callie Whitwell
Apr 4, 2020    3m
In this message we hear a real life story of a woman sharing the gospel message with her co-worker, and by introducing her to Jesus she changed a woman's life forever. Video recorded at Grapevine, Texas.


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Callie Whitwell: 00:04 So, I guess it's been about two and a half years ago that I met Nicole in my office, she came in for an interview for a position, and just over time we just built a relationship. Just, I think it's important just to build trust and rapport with the people that you work with, and I think that's what we did. And when you're at work you're around the same people, oftentimes, so much that I think if you just take the time to listen, that you're going to have many opportunities to share your faith with them or to encourage them, or to invite them to church.

Nicole: 00:36 I met Callie through work, and just the daily, you know, asking about my faith and kind of my experience with it came in to play. And then through that, and her kind of helping me and guiding me along the way, kind of went from a work to more of a personal outside of work friendship with her. You know, there's times where she would share an email from 121, like a Bible verse thing that is sent out.

Callie Whitwell: 00:59 And had the opportunity then just to invite her to 121, and invite her to a life group, and to our home where she spent time with our family.

Nicole: 01:08 I really feel like the relationship with Callie, God really used that to bring me to where I'm at. Because that's my true thing is I really feel like, and I've told her this too, is I feel like I was brought in a sense to Dallas to meet Callie

Ross Sawyers: 01:25 Callie Whitwell is the friend that has been bringing her, and has spent time with her just talking about who Christ is, what our relationship with Jesus looks like. And she came to a place a few months ago of surrender and trust in Jesus Christ, and now she is walking in obedience with her baptism. So it's a privilege for us to be able to do that with her. And Nicole, because you know Jesus Christ is your Lord and your savior, I baptize you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Callie Whitwell: 02:04 There's just so much opportunity when you work with someone, you know, at least 40 hours, if not more during the week, to be able to let God just open those doors for you, and be aware of those doors that he has right there. And you're the one he wants to use, you know, you're the one that's in that person's life during that 40 hours or more, you know, during the week. And so just being a good steward of where you're at in life, and how God wants to use you.

Nicole: 02:31 I think through meeting Callie is probably one of the best blessings of moving to Dallas, because now here I am, and I see all these changes within my own life.

Callie Whitwell: 02:42 I would just encourage anyone whatever you do, and however you spend your time, you know, during the week to just be aware and just be mindful and just listen. And God's going to give you opportunity, after opportunity, to encourage others and build relationships and share Christ with them.

Recorded in Grapevine, Texas.
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