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Cassidy Shares Lessons She Learned From Teaching The Next Generation

Cassidy Doolittle
Jul 2, 2023    5m
Join us as Cassidy shares her the unexpected lessons she learned and the personal growth she experienced from teaching the next generation of young girls how to become ministry teachers themselves. Video recorded at Grapevine, Texas.

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Cassidy Doolittle: [00:00:01] I don't know if your mom would want to be out here sweating like this, it is hot. Sometimes it's fun to send your kid to do fun stuff without you. So this is the very first camp that I've ever been a part of. Even as a child, I was one of those severe introverts, and so I had no intention of coming this year, none. And this girl group is something super special for me, it's actually been a fantastic time, so I'm really glad I came. And it's neat to see the other little introverts in our group too, that normally wouldn't have come, but then I dragged them along with me, so it's been pretty awesome. So this is for all of you girls, and I want for you to use them as a way to kind of reflect this week on what you value about your group, and what friendships that have come away from this.

Cassidy Doolittle: [00:00:53] We have been going to 121 for over five years now, and when we started coming, my husband and I loved ministry, but we are also introverted folk. So if we don't get plugged in right away, we can kind of just drift into the background. So within a few weeks, we both went into different areas and asked, hey, do you have a need? And I talked with Diana, and they had an opening for a fifth-grade life group leader. And I'd never led girls before, we'd done married couples’ college, but it was a really neat experience. I had several of the girls that I got very close with, and they asked if I would continue up with them year after year after year, and so I went through eighth grade with them. So we had four years together and it started to feel like that natural time of there's a transition headed, I want for them to have the best experiences possible with potentially different kinds of life group leaders. So we had this, I'm a big believer in when you change something and you transition, you should have some type of ceremony because people hate change, but it's often very good.

Cassidy Doolittle: [00:02:02] We need, as a healthy group, to grow so we have enough for us to build two groups and then I'm going to be done being your leader after this year, but this is a good thing. We had given a slideshow, cried the tears, said the prayers, and I said as an afterthought, right as they were leaving. oh, wait, hold up, you guys are all old enough now to serve as co-leaders in a life group, if that's something you're interested in. And I really want to push you to focus on some type of service. And I didn't expect to be like barraged with 3 to 4 girls who were like, we really want to co-lead. I'm like, cool, but their conditions were that I would be the leader. I would go back down to fifth grade, and they would be my co-leaders and I would teach them how to lead. And they just simply didn't take no for an answer, and I think that was something that was really beautiful.

Cassidy Doolittle: [00:02:59] But I tried, I was like, no, I'm tired, I'm done. I did this, I walked it to completion, and I need a break. So we just talked about, you know, I would expect you to have training sessions and you would have to be accountable and learn how to lead independently, you'd be teaching. I knew they were very busy, I said, you need to check with your parents. No, let me check with your parents. So I connected with both of their parents, thinking these are two of the busiest girls that I know, there's no way, and both parents were absolutely on board. So they came in that first day, they brought brownies, they decorated the room, and they learned the girls' names. And it was just the beginning, though, I really thought it would take about 3 to 4 months before I lost them to volleyball games and homecoming and all of those things. But they didn't, they stuck around, and they are some of the most devoted volunteers I've ever seen, it's been really neat.

Cassidy Doolittle: [00:03:57] What God had in store with that was something so surprising, it has been the best life group I have ever led or been a part of, and I did not anticipate what a difference it would make in my personal faith. I've never been excited to show up week after week to a service opportunity, and I love that there are all different kinds of things that we're tackling and it is not squeaky clean, there are no bows, there's lots of tough situations, but they come, and they are more ready to learn and to grow than almost any adult women's group I've ever been a part of.

Cassidy Doolittle: [00:04:33] The unexpected part of going back down, going through youth, coming back down to kids, is what I realized is they have given me so much hope. So much hope to be able to go, oh my goodness, I was wrong, this has changed my life and I almost missed it, I almost missed this opportunity. I am so glad I did because it almost didn't happen, had I not listened to these dogged high schoolers, you know, lovingly manipulate me into this, I would have missed one of the biggest things God has ever used in my personal faith. And as I prayed for it a lot, I have decided that for the next year, I will be going up with you.

Recorded in Grapevine, Texas.
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