121 Stories - Kristen and Logan Tecson: Growing in Community

Recognizing The Importance Of Joining A Life Group In Your Church

Logan & Kristen Tecson
Dec 12, 2021    3m
As Christians, we were created to do life in community with others, which is why we need to recognize the importance of life groups in our walk with Jesus. Logan & Kristen share their personal experience with choosing a life group, and the impact it has had on their lives. Video recorded at Grapevine, Texas.

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121 Community - 121 Stories - Kristen and Logan Tecson: Growing in Community
Logan Tecson: [00:00:03] I think when we came to 121, it was pretty immediate to us that was a different kind of church, someplace that we would really love to come and worship every Sunday and get involved in. Yeah, I think for us, the biggest thing we noticed immediately was just how welcoming everyone was. You know, when you see an environment like that, your natural response is to want to stick around and get more involved, and so that's what we did.

Kristen Tecson: [00:00:27] After that, we thought it was time to find a life group, and so in, I think like April and May, we started like really scouring the list. So we found one that we were interested in and we emailed the leaders and kind of gave a quick bio of us and said, like, are we a good fit? You know, can we come meet you guys? And it was, you know, near to our house and everything, so that was actually kind of how we started our search, initially, we whittled it down to somewhere nearby and, you know, descriptions that kind of fit with what we thought our family sounded like.

Logan Tecson: [00:01:04] And I think what we really like about the life group that we're in now is that, you know, everyone is at a similar stage of life. You know, we all have young kids, we're all going through similar, you know, trials and tribulations that could be associated with that. You know, and also sharing the same kinds of victories and good news with each other that goes along with having young kids.

Kristen Tecson: [00:01:25] And so really, it's just been a lot of encouragement through those friends, you know, because they've been through it already and they say, oh, yeah, you know this, this part only lasts two weeks. You know, or like, you know, be strong. You've got this. You know, when we came home from the hospital, actually with Owen, we didn't cook, you know, for two weeks, our friends took care of us and they came over and they held Owen and they got to love on him, and really share their love with us, you know, through bringing us food and taking care of us and everything, so that was really helpful. Like when COVID happened, people, you know, with jobs and with children now in the house relied on other members of the church group who could help out with childcare. That was really important to us, both to raise our son with that, you know, around as many people who love him as possible. And then also, you know, to kind of be that for someone else, you know, is really important, and I think that's what we're made for.

Logan Tecson: [00:02:24] So yeah, I'd say that the biggest thing we've gotten out of being in our life group beyond the fellowship and being in community with other families in similar stages, is just seeing, you know, how they lead spiritually with their families, you know, how they react to certain challenges. And then ways that we can help them as well grow spiritually, and that's been really cool to see

Kristen Tecson: [00:02:44] Right now with the life group, he's been more interested in reading scripture. Like, so I'll be putting Owen to sleep and then I'll come in our room and say, like, OK, you know, we're good to go. And he's, you know, reading the Bible on his phone.

Logan Tecson: [00:03:00] And so, yeah, it's just been good to be part of a community like that, where we can have shared experiences but different perspectives and just get together and talk about how, you know, how we're handling those things.

Recorded in Grapevine, Texas.
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