Sunday's Here, Now What?

Do You Feel Lost? Find Your New Identity Through The Power Of The Resurrection

Ross Sawyers
Mar 31, 2024    40m
Are you weighed down by sin, shame, or a lack of purpose? Do you feel powerless against temptation and struggle to find true satisfaction? The power of the resurrection offers hope! Through Jesus' death and resurrection, you can experience an identity change, a fresh perspective on life, and the power to overcome. Discover how embracing the power of the resurrection can give you victory over sin, profound meaning, lasting joy, and an unshakable hope for the future. Find the transformation you desperately need! Video recorded at Grapevine, Texas.

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Ross Sawyers: [00:00:00] God, this morning we praise you and thank you for the victory that's in Jesus Christ. And we love today that you are a risen Savior, and so we thank you for the life that's available in Jesus Christ. Thank you for the purpose, the meaning, that's available in life in you. And today, God, I pray that we would either be ones who are expressing extreme gratitude, for the life that you've given, and then God, if not that, we would be ones whose curiosity is stoked, whose passions are reignited, for you. So, Jesus, I pray that you'll meet us each where we are today in a way that draws our hearts towards you. And I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Ross Sawyers: [00:00:46] Years ago, I read a book by Anthony Campolo called, It's Friday, But Sunday's Coming. In that what he meant was on Friday was the crucifixion of Christ, and that looked like a dark day, but Sunday's coming because the resurrection is what happened on Sunday and death was defeated, and sin was defeated. So it's Friday, but Sunday's coming. The question I'd like us to think about this morning and the fact that it's Friday and Sunday's coming, that's happened, Friday happened, Sunday came, now what would be my question today? In light of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, now what, what does life look like now as a result of the resurrection of Jesus?

Ross Sawyers: [00:01:30] I'd like for us to continue our time, in worship through story. Payton and Andrea Mays have been a part of 121 for years, and I want us just to take a look at their story, and the way the resurrection of Christ has impacted and literally changed their lives.

Payton: [00:01:54] I grew up in Coleman, Texas, a town about 50 miles south of Abilene, and Andrea grew up in Kilgore out by Tyler. We had kind of similar, you know, similar upbringings, in the sense that, you know, kind of broken families. You know, there's no doubt about it that God put us together. And again, the closer that we personally, each of us get with God, that means the closer that we get with each other.

Payton: [00:02:41] It was the summer before my freshman year of high school, I came home, and my parents were fighting and they ended up getting a divorce. My dad, he struggled with alcohol for his whole life, and my mom had been seeing someone else. And so when that happened, that was a kind of a very memorable experience. I love my dad, and I love my mom, but we had very little supervision. I made a ton of poor choices in high school.

Andrea: [00:03:04] When I was entering high school, I found out that my dad had been having an affair and had a child, and then my parents divorced, and then my mom moved, and it just became like chaos. It really kind of turned into, like, anger. We went to church, but church didn't come home with us.

Payton: [00:03:35] In January of 2004, my brother Matthew, who's 15 months younger than me, is getting married.

Andrea: [00:03:42] I was also in the wedding. Payton had given the best man speech and I thought, ooh, he's cute.

Payton: [00:03:50] And I see this really good-looking girl. And we start, you know, then, I don't drink anymore, and I haven't drank in about ten years, but then I had a lot of liquid courage in me. And so I asked Andrea two questions, number one, does she want to dance? It was Amarillo by Morning by George Strait. And then number two, I said, when are we going to get married?

Andrea: [00:04:09] If I hadn't thought he was cute, I would have thought he was crazy. But I thought he was cute, so.

Payton: [00:04:24] She had shared some of her past with me and I was like, man, how did you get through that, that's crazy. And she said, well, a relationship with Jesus.

Andrea: [00:04:33] I wasn't real sure where he stood with having a relationship with Jesus.

Payton: [00:04:40] I would call myself a Christian at that time, but I had no idea who Jesus was, and she said that was important to her.

Andrea: [00:04:46] I wasn't sure if I was going to continue to see him if he wasn't, you know, a Christian. He jumped on board and started going to church and probably surpassed me pretty quickly. And so at that point, I feel like he was somewhat helping me grow.

Payton: [00:05:08] In the beginning, though, I think my motivations for going were, first of all, Andrea thought I should. And then, you know, second, is like, well, this is good for me. You know, it was two different lives, with kind of the Payton, you know, secular life, you know, working hard. And then, you know, on Sundays we could go to church and try to do the right thing. So that was the beginning of my kind of journey with church. But we also made a lot of poor choices in our relationship, we kind of started doing the relationship wrong from the get-go. All indications are we should go our separate ways. My parents were divorced because of an affair. Your parents are divorced because of an affair. And it seems like an obvious thing that we should, you know, kind of go our separate ways. And I said, but I still care about you. And she said, well, I still care about you. And I said, well, I don't know what to do. She said we need to get a Christian counselor. One of his recommendations was, you know, I highly recommend that you quit having sex. He said, number one, it's not biblical, but number two, you know, as you're all trying to figure out where is this relationship going, it clouds your judgment, you can't even think straight when you have that on your mind. And he says, you know, will you all commit to, you know, quit doing that. And we said, yeah, we'll commit to quit doing that. You know, the problem is, is that we committed till we didn't. And I'm in New York, and I will never forget, you know, exactly where I was in my office. And again, she's in school at TCU and she says that she's pregnant. You know, that hit me like a ton of bricks because, you know, from the outside, I think people would say, man, his life, you know, his life's going much better than planned. He grew up in the middle of nowhere, you know, now he's working on Wall Street, he's traveling the world, he's making good money, and, you know, all these, you know, kind of quote-unquote worldly things, you know, they're going really well. His life is going much better than planned, and this was definitely not planned. You know, I hate to say it, but I told her at the time, I said, man, I, you know, I think you should consider an abortion, and thank God she said, no, I'm not doing that.

Andrea: [00:07:14] We didn't have good role models for marriage. Marriage was hard.

Payton: [00:07:25] On one of those flights I laid my chair back to, you know, get some rest. And I hear this really loud banging sound, and I'm like, well, maybe that beverage cart is hitting something. So I asked the flight attendant, and I said ma'am, can you please, you know, adjust that cart because, you know, is that what's making that noise? And she said I didn’t hear anything.

Andrea: [00:07:42] I had really been praying at that point, like, Lord, something's got to give. I definitely think we were paying for just the natural consequences that flow from having a child, you know, out of wedlock, even though he's the greatest thing ever.

Andrea: [00:08:00] Are you ready to get clean? Are you ready to get clean?

Payton: [00:08:07] And I tell people now that I think that was a Holy Spirit, you know, beating me over the head. He said, Payton, quit chasing the money, it's never going to make you happy, you know, trust me and follow me and I'll take care of everything else.

Andrea: [00:08:19] It became really apparent that God called Payton and I to be the change agents, to make the generational change in our family. You know, not only for staying married, working hard at it, we just don't want our kids to have to go through what we went through.

Payton: [00:08:39] You know, regardless of the, just, you know, situation that we're in, is that we have understanding and knowledge that God is always there, and he's always by our side.

Andrea: [00:08:50] We still make mistakes all the time, but we're doing our best.

Payton: [00:08:53] We know that, you know, with him at the center of our relationship, as we get closer to him, we get closer to each other.

Andrea: [00:09:00] There is no way that we could have, in our own strength, gotten through any of this. I mean, all the glory of the good in our lives comes from Him, absolutely, 100%.

Ross Sawyers: [00:09:52] I am so grateful that so many people at 121 are willing to share their stories, and grateful that I got to watch it again. We're so grateful that people will share their brokenness because that's where we connect. I had a nun share with me years ago, I've said this often, that we identify in our weaknesses, and we admire strengths. We really don't connect with each other in places of strength, we connect in our weak spots and in our broken spots. And then we connect in Christ, who carries us through those broken places. So I want us to think about, just think about Payton and Andrea's story, and the way that Christ intersected their story, the resurrected Christ.

Ross Sawyers: [00:10:41] The question that I have for us to think about as we move through Colossians chapter 3, I want to tether us to this part of God's word in Colossians 3, verses 1 through 4, but the question I would have for us to consider in these few moments is what has changed in your life as a result of the resurrection of Christ? What has changed? And there are three things that are in this part of the Scripture that will help us think about in our own lives today, what is actually changed as a result of the resurrection if anything. And it might be that you don't know Christ today, and this would just give you an idea of what someone who's following Christ, what it would look like in their life. And then for those who've maybe stagnated a little bit, a little bit indifferent, maybe have gotten apathetic over time, I hope it stirs you a little bit. For those who are following in the way that God has called us to follow, that it would just be a day of gratitude to him for what he's done.

Ross Sawyers: [00:11:39] One of the things that I appreciate that Andrea said, that's helpful for a number of us, she said, as a family, we went to church, but church did not come home with us. What does she mean by that? What she meant is her family came to church, but there was really no real encounter or real relationship with Jesus. Therefore, Jesus didn't come home with them and wasn't a part of their everyday life, a part of their parent's marriage, a part of their family, that Jesus was not a part. And when we think about what Jesus has done for us, it is 24/7 Christ in our lives, that is what he is after, and that's where the deepest joy and satisfaction comes.

Ross Sawyers: [00:12:27] The first thing for us to think about in verses 1 and 2 of chapter 3 is a fresh perspective, that once we've been encountered by the resurrected Christ, there is a fresh perspective, within our lives and our thinking. Let's tie this to the scripture, "Therefore if you have been raised up with Christ, keep seeking the things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. 2Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on earth." Let's go back to that first phrase, "Therefore if you have been raised up with Christ."

Ross Sawyers: [00:12:59] What does it mean to be raised up with Christ? For us to understand that phrase, we can go back to Matthew chapter 28, in one of the gospels talking about Jesus, the crucifixion has already happened. And in Matthew 28, two ladies, Mary, and Mary Magdalene, they show up at the tomb of Jesus. A severe earthquake happens, and an angel comes down and removes the stone from the tomb. Two guards were assigned to guard that tomb, and the two guards, it says that they were so afraid that they shook with fear, and they looked like dead men. In the midst of this, the two ladies are trying to figure out what's happened to Jesus because they have been following him. And what they hear from the angel, the angel says, hey, I know why you're here, don't be afraid, He's risen and He's no longer here. He is risen.

Ross Sawyers: [00:13:56] So Jesus Christ Himself is resurrected from the dead, and because Jesus Christ is resurrected from the dead, then Paul can make this statement in chapter 3, verse 1, "If you've been raised up with Christ." Because once Christ is raised, then it's possible for us to be raised up. There are those who do not believe in the resurrection, however, they can't buy it, it's a myth to them. They might buy that Jesus died on a cross, but they're not going to buy that Jesus was raised from the dead. And Paul also addresses that in First Corinthians chapter 15, and he says that Christ has been raised from the dead, and if he hasn't, then no one's been resurrected from the dead. And if there's no resurrection from the dead, then our preaching is vain or it's empty, our faith is vain or empty. Our faith is actually worthless, we're still in our sin. And then think about all the funerals or all the celebrations of life that you might have been a part of, and what he also says if Christ hasn't been resurrected, then those who have gone on before us, they're simply died, and buried, and we will not see them again if there's no resurrection of the dead. And then he finishes that little section by saying that if we only believe this about Jesus and this life and it's not true, then we're of all people, the most to be pitied in this life. The resurrection is true, it is not an opinion, it's a fact. There were many people that saw him after he was risen from the grave, and there were many who were immediately changed forever by the resurrected Christ.

Ross Sawyers: [00:15:42] But we don't have the resurrected Christ, and we don't have being raised with Christ, if first, we don't see the crucifixion of Christ. So we go up just a few verses in Colossians 2 verse 20 and he says, "If you have died with Christ." And he's saying there, okay, if you've died with Christ, so what does it mean that you've died with Christ? We can be raised with Christ, and then we can also die with Christ. What does that mean? Well, we go back to Jesus, and he was crucified on that Friday and on the cross, Jesus Christ took on all the sins of the world. He bore all of our sins on his body. He took on all of the shame of our sin on himself. He took on the penalty of our sin on his body on that cross. He defeated and conquered the works of the devil on that cross. He defeated death on that cross. And as you walked in today, if you notice, there is a cross that's been built that is sitting right above our baptistry, just on the other side of this wall, it almost goes to the rafters. And what we wanted to do is when you walk in for you, just to see how large the cross looms in our lives, and the cross is big enough to cover any and every sin of every person, there is not one thing that you could have done that is bad enough that Jesus Christ did not cover it with his shed blood and his broken body on the cross; it is big enough, His grace is large enough to cover in the very trenches of our sin within. That's the crucifixion of Jesus.

Ross Sawyers: [00:17:23] Somebody asked, and I was reading this week, they said, why is it that Jesus Christ died on the cross? Why couldn't he have not been stoned to death? Why could he have not just died of natural causes, and it still be a life died for us? Why could he have not been thrown into an ocean and drowned? Well, the answer to the question is that the cross is the cruelest form of punishment in all of human history. Someone was sharing with me about this idea, and that the word excruciating actually comes from out of the cross. They couldn't even come up with a word to describe what would happen on the cross. It said that even the Roman soldiers pitied people who were crucified on a cross. Jesus Christ suffered as deeply, or actually more deeply than any human being could possibly suffer. So why the cross? Because Jesus suffered more than you or I could ever possibly suffer, no matter what comes our way. Which means that Jesus can step into, identify, and walk with us in our suffering. So Jesus Christ crucified.

Ross Sawyers: [00:18:40] But he says that we've died with Christ, which means we've been crucified with Christ also. And the way the Bible talks about our position is that we are initially in union with Adam. In Genesis chapter 3, the first sin enters into the world, and then all of us inherit a sin nature. As a result of that, we're in union with Adam, and the only way that we can break free and no longer be in union with Adam, where sin is dominant in our lives, is through the work of Jesus Christ, crucified and risen. So now it's as if we have died with Christ on that cross. So just imagine that you're on that cross with him, and every one of your sins and every one of my sins are taken and crucified and killed on that cross. And then just imagine, it's as if we've also been raised up with Christ. See, what God didn't do is send Jesus so that he takes bad people and makes them nice people. He sent Jesus because we're dead people in our sin, and we need to be made alive. So we die with Christ, and then we're made alive with Christ, with the empty grave. We are between the cross and the empty grave, we're on this side now, it's Friday, but Sunday's coming. Sunday's already come, now what are we going to do because Sunday has come? We both died with him, and we've risen with him so now we're in union with Jesus Christ.

Ross Sawyers: [00:20:14] How does that union happen? Let me give you a rough drawing of it. By the way, we may have several children in here today, and if so, we have these packets when they came in, these are a great deal, you get a sucker with them, plus notes to take. I think I will answer all the questions before we're done, and I love that our children are with us. But how do we become, and get out of that union with Adam and sin, and we are now in union with Jesus Christ? You'll have to bear with me in my drawing, but this is my best shot at it. Imagine this is two mountains, and it will take quite an imagination to do that. And then think about, this is you and I, and we're on this side, we're on this mountain. There's a gap between us and God who is on this mountain, sin is what that gap is. God is perfect in who he is, and he can't be with us because of our sin against him. Now, if anyone has an interest in getting right with God, then there are attempts we make to bridge this gap, and we'll try with our morality, or we'll try to be good, or we'll try to be religious, and none of those things work. The only thing that will actually get us from one mountain to the other is the work of Jesus Christ on the cross through his shed blood and his broken body. And what actually happens, Jesus said when he came on the scene that when we repent and believe, we turn from walking the way we want to walk, and instead we walk in the way that he's called us to walk, and in God's pursuit and kindness towards us, he actually comes over here and gets us and brings us back to himself. We don't even have enough sense to cross the bridge ourselves. We need God to pursue and change our hearts and minds, and to come get us and to bring us to himself. At that point, we've shifted from being in union with Adam and dominated by sin to being in union with Christ and His death and His resurrection.

Ross Sawyers: [00:22:28] And this morning, as I was praying and thinking about this afresh, I was still trying to grab hold in my own mind, how does this actually work? There's such a mystery to who God is and what he does. Not only do we die with him and are raised with him, but the only way that we can do things is to live an absolutely perfect life, and Christ is the only one to live a perfect life. And when we believe what he did and we receive that and turn from the old to the new, then we actually receive the perfect life of Christ. So when God looks at you and he looks at me, if you're his child today, what he sees is the perfection of Jesus. That's mind-blowing to think about, he doesn't see the mess that I am from the inside out, he sees the perfection of Jesus and what he's done to cover us at the cross, and what he's done to raise us from that empty grave. And everything changes when we say yes to this.

Ross Sawyers: [00:23:31] For Payton and Andrea, everything changed, life was split in two by what the resurrected Christ did. There was a life before him and then a life after him. Still some stumbling along the way, but sin no longer dominates, it can be defeated now that we have Christ in us, and over time we more and more start to look like Jesus, and our identity changes to a fresh perspective. So there's an identity change. Payton, where was his identity? His identity was as a businessman on Wall Street, making a lot of money, and traveling the world, but that's not his identity anymore. Yes, he's successful in life, but his primary identity is who he is in Christ. There's a perspective change in our identity of who we are. Our identity is no longer in who we are as an athlete, we don't want to be known as this athlete first, we want to be known as a follower of Jesus first, that's our new identity. We don't want to be known as a businessman or a businesswoman who do well first, first, it's my identity in Christ. If we're in the arts and excel in the arts, that's not our primary identity. What our culture has tried to say is the primary identity is our sexual identity, that's not the primary identity. Our identity is who we are in Jesus Christ when we believe in the resurrected Christ, and he's given us the power to change and to have a new identity.

Ross Sawyers: [00:25:04] The other day I was reading a news source and it said, It Happened Again, that was the title. And I looked at the title and I read the story, and it was talking about college students on the campus at the University of Alabama. And about ten days ago or so, Jennie Allen, who speaks all over the country, and she's been speaking to college students quite a bit, they saw hundreds of college students believe Jesus, and then hundreds were baptized that night. And we're seeing this on college campuses all over the country, it's happened at Auburn University, it's happened at the University of Florida, it's happened at Asbury College, there is a movement of God on our college campuses of students believing what Jesus has done for them. Jeannie Allen was asked, and on an Instagram post, this is what she wrote. They said, “Why do you think this is happening? And she said, "Well, I'm just going to tell you what Macy said tonight, I'm just ready to be a child of God." I think people are so exhausted, so emptied out by all the lies of our culture that they're just ready to be a child of God, to be able to relax in him, to rest because Christ has done the work. Believe in the fresh perspective that comes when we believe in the resurrected Christ. We've died with him, we've been raised with him, and we're credited with his perfect life.

Ross Sawyers: [00:26:45] But with that fresh perspective and a new identity comes a new way of thinking. So we'd want to ask, has our thinking changed since we've become a follower of Jesus? He says, "Keep seeking the things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. And what he's saying there is continually, habitually keep thinking about these things, this is what you're to think about, the things above. And that's where Christ is, and Christ right now, since he's been resurrected, he appeared to many, then he ascended, and he's at the right hand of his Father; that's a position of privilege, of honor, of power. And we're told that we are to think about those things. And by the way, we're also told in Scripture that we're already seated with Christ in the heavenly places. We've died with him, we have the perfect life of Christ within us, we've been raised with him, and we are already seated in the heavenly places, we're just waiting for our time to go and to be in that spot that's already secured and is ours as followers of Jesus.

Ross Sawyers: [00:27:52] "Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on earth.", he says. So we're to have a mindset of continually thinking about those things that are above. You say, well, gosh, if I'm always thinking about things above, and always thinking about Jesus, how am I going to do my job? How am I going to take care of my family? How am I going to play if I'm always having to think about that? Well, think about it like this backdrop of the empty grave, that Christ is always the backdrop in our thinking, and he's actually at the forefront of our thinking, so he's pressing in on all sides of the way that we think. We're always thinking about Jesus, and we think about things in terms of just a settled way of who he is, we're preoccupied with Christ.

Ross Sawyers: [00:28:39] I'm not knocking social media today; I'm just giving you a way to think about this. How many times already this morning, and the rest of the day, and perhaps in the last half hour, have you looked at your phone? All day long, the majority of us will be preoccupied with our phones, we'll be preoccupied with something on them. And yet we manage to do our families, we manage to do our work, we manage to all those things, maybe not so well because we're preoccupied with that. But imagine if all the times that we look at our social media, the equivalent to that, that we would be preoccupied with Christ in that way, and that he affects our thinking or oriented around him in everything that we do. So my question is, has your life, has your perspective changed, because of the resurrected of Christ? You're thinking, has it changed because of the resurrection of Christ?

Ross Sawyers: [00:29:42] But it's not just a fresh perspective, it's a new power that comes. In verse 3, "For you have died and your life is hidden with Christ in God." You say, well, okay, he's writing to people who are alive, they're actually reading this, and yet he says, you've died. So what does he mean, that you've died? It's the same thing, we've died with Christ, he's saying it's past tense, it's done, and it doesn't have to be done again. When Jesus Christ said it was finished, it was paid in full, it was done. So our sin is done, we've been nailed with him on that cross. It's still a battle against sin, but sin does not have to have power over us because our life is hidden with Christ in God.

Ross Sawyers: [00:30:24] So now it's Christ in us that we're told, it's Christ with us, and we're hidden in God, that's where we hide, in Him. And we have a security being hidden in Christ, and because we're covered by what Christ has done, we're safe. And it's okay for Payton and Andrea and for others to share things that are broken in their lives because we're already covered by the grace of God at the cross. We're hidden with Christ in God. Christ is the power within us. People may not understand what it is that makes us tick, but it's Christ in us, it's a new power that comes to overcome the battle against sin, and also to walk in the mission that he's given us to live.

Ross Sawyers: [00:31:14] What is that mission? Jesus made it pretty simple for us, actually. He said, here's what you do. And by the way, the only way we can do this is by the power of Christ in us, is love God with all of your heart and soul and mind and love your neighbor as yourself. And by the way, your neighbor includes your enemy, and your neighbor includes the person that you disagree with, and your neighbor includes the person that has different views than you do. Love God, love your neighbor. And then Jesus, at the end of Matthew 28 says, go and make disciples of all the nations. Care about the world, and help others become followers of Jesus, baptize them, and then teach them in the way of Christ. It's a new way of thinking, it's a new identity, and then it's a new power that we have within us that's in Christ, our life is hidden with Christ in God.

Ross Sawyers: [00:32:28] I'm so proud of our young parents in our church. There are so many that are just working hard to raise their children to follow Jesus, and that's tough. in our culture today. I'm sure every generation says it's difficult, but there are certainly unique challenges today for our parents, and I love what so many are doing. I was talking to a family in our church the other day, to the mom, and they have a three-year-old and a one-year-old, and she likes to trade and sell on Facebook Marketplace. And somebody was over at her house, and they brought their child with them. And the child went and played with her three-year-old, while they were talking about the deal that they were working on, and the child had these resurrection eggs. I didn't have these when I was growing up, I don't recall that we did this with our own kids, I forgot to ask my wife if we did it. But it's a carton of eggs, plastic eggs, 12 of them, I think they ripped off the 12 days of Christmas, that's what it looks like to me. But each egg has something in it. So day one egg has a donkey in it, and then they talk about how Jesus came into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday as a king riding in a donkey into the city. And so the mom of the three-year-old in our church came into the room, saw they were talking about those eggs, and then she helped explain to the child, the other child, what the different eggs meant. They get to the last egg and open the egg, and it's empty because the 12th egg is empty because it's the resurrection of Jesus. And the little three-year-old boy said, why is that egg empty? Every other egg had something in it. And the three-year-old said because he's not there. Now we're talking about Christ in us, and this is a mom and a dad who are living out what it is to have a fresh perspective, a new identity, a new way of thinking, and they're living the mission that God has called us to live, and there is a joy and a life in them. They are passing that on to their children. and already the three-year-old understands the crucifixion and the resurrection of Jesus Christ, that he's not there. They're on mission.

Ross Sawyers: [00:34:58] My wife and I have been watching the Mission Impossible movies. And, if you watch those, you know that at the beginning of the movie, Ethan Hunt, it looks like he usually doesn't want to do something. And then, he gets a call, he gets some random thing, and he's given these little instructions, and it says, your mission, should you choose to accept it, and then the thing blows up. This mission's never going to blow up until Jesus comes back and everything is done. This is our mission; will you choose to accept it? With a fresh perspective and new power, we can live out the mission that God has called us to live. This is where joy is found, this is where satisfaction is found, and this is where peace is the power source for you changed as a result of the resurrected Christ. Are you still leaning on your own abilities, your own emotions, your own feelings, and your own experiences? Or are you leaning into and on the power of Jesus Christ?

Ross Sawyers: [00:36:17] Well, there's a third thing here in verse 4, that we can think about in our own lives as we think about, that Sunday's come, now what? And now there's an anticipation, and there's a profound hope. It says in verse 4, "When Christ, who is our life, is revealed, then you also will be revealed with Him in glory." It's not just that we have died with Christ, we receive the perfect life of Christ in us, we've been raised with Christ, and we're currently seated in the heavenly places with Christ. but Jesus Christ is coming back a second time now. People didn't believe he was coming the first time, and he did. And people today don't believe he's coming a second time, and he is. And we have a profound hope and certainty that he's coming. And when he comes, he will come as a victorious warrior riding on a white horse. He ain't coming on a donkey into Jerusalem, he's coming for all of those who have believed, and their lives have been split in time, and there's no longer the old, but they're living in the new. And it's going to be an incredible day because on that day when He returns, all the things that are off about this current world go away. We're not going to be talking about mental illness anymore, there won't be any anxiety or any depression when Christ comes back, all that will be healed and taken care of. Payton and Andrea, they go to a counselor every week, to strengthen and help their marriage. We're not going to need counselors when Jesus comes back because all the conflict, miscommunication, all the challenges, and problems we have, those will be gone. We're not going to have to worry about disease or sickness or broken-down bodies, because just as Christ was resurrected, we'll be resurrected, and we'll be given new bodies. And we don't have to worry about broken-down cities or an earth that's polluted because God says he's coming back, and when he does, he's going to set all things new, and there'll be new heavens and a new earth, so everything will be absolutely perfect and beautiful. And we don't have to worry anymore about trouble or persecution or hostility against our faith, because on that day, it's all taken care of and done, and we have a profound hope. Let me ask you today has the resurrection of Christ and the hope of the future, is there a profound hope that you have so that you're not living in despair in the day, but you're living in hope? The hope of what Christ does now and the hope of when Christ comes again. In Payton and Andrea's story, everything changed for them, their perspective changed, the power within them changed, and their hope changed, and they believed that God intercepted them and that it will be generational change. That's the power of Christ today, the resurrected Christ, he doesn't just change one person, he changes families and then changes generations, so there's a joy and a hope and a peace and a life.

Ross Sawyers: [00:39:30] Father, thank you today for the hope that we have in Christ. Thank you for the power that we have in Christ to overcome and battle sin, and to live out the way you've called us to live life. Thank you, Father, for the identity change that happens in Jesus today, and thank you for the new thinking that starts to occur. And God, I pray for each of us today, you'll take us right where we are. And Father, that you'll move us into a gratitude for you that will be recaptured by your beauty and by your truth. And God, that the rest of our days, whatever those days are, would be spent as people who've been crucified with you and now raised up with you, and that we continue to be shaped by you, and that we'd be about your mission so that more and more people can experience the hope and the power and the new identity that's available in Jesus Christ. Thank you for splitting so many lives from old to new, today, God, will you do more, and will you cause us who are new to be all the more grateful on this day? In Jesus’ name.

Recorded in Grapevine, Texas.
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