Godly Women: Living Example

What The Bible Says About Traits Of A Godly Woman

Jermaine Arphul
Feb 25, 2024    48m
Do you ever feel confused or overwhelmed trying to live out the traits of a godly woman? From the pressures of culture to personal insecurities, it can be difficult to grasp what the Bible teaches. This sermon dives into Titus 2, unpacking the characteristics of reverence, self-control, purity, and submission that should mark a Christ-following woman. You'll gain practical wisdom on loving your husband and children, keeping your home with discipleship in mind, and most importantly, adorning the gospel message. Discover how to flourish in your God-given roles by relying on His grace. CopyRetry Video recorded at Grapevine, Texas.

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Jermaine Arphul: [00:00:00] Good morning everyone. I hope you're doing well today. I appreciate it, appreciate it. Yeah, I think we're cheering for the nice weather right now. Right? Like spring is here, y'all. Okay. Spring is here, just saying, summer is right around the corner, get ready. I'm Jermaine, I'm the student minister here at 121. I am excited to bring you the word today.

Jermaine Arphul: [00:00:21] We have been in the book of Titus over the last several weeks. Ross and Eric have been leading us through that, it's my turn to take over for this week. Just to catch you up. One, I would say, if you have not been here in a minute and maybe just don't know what we're talking about today, I'd say go back to our website and you can find all the sermons before. So we're in Titus. And just to give you a little bit of context before we pray and get into the word, our series is called Practical Faith, because Paul is writing to Titus, to tell people in the island of Crete, who are not living godly, they're mixing Christian values with worldly values, Roman and Greek values, and it's just a mess. It's a complete mess, homes are being destroyed, the church is in disarray, and false teaching is happening, so it's a mess. So Paul is like, hey, this is a perfect opportunity for us to get things established. And for us, it applies to us today because it teaches us how to be as a church of believers in Jesus Christ. And then it also teaches us how to be in the homes as well, and how to be a believer in the culture as well. All right?

Jermaine Arphul: [00:01:33] So last week, Ross talked about the guys in chapter 2, verse 1, he talked about the older men and how they're supposed to be. We also talked about the men in Titus chapter 1 as well, and what that looks like in the church. And then today, I get to talk about the ladies. So let me just say that I humbly prepared this. I've got lots of feedback from ladies in our church, all different ages, all different backgrounds, and then I'll also say that I'm married, I've been married for 12 years. So I do have a little, like, you know, I got to go home tonight, you know what I'm saying? So, like, I definitely am going to be careful with what I say. And my wife, she encouraged me as well by saying, she works at a preschool in the area, and they pray before. And she talked about how it's going to be talking on Titus chapter 2 about being a godly woman, and they were praying, and her boss was just like, Jermaine is going to do so great today. He's just going to do so great. She's like, yeah, it's a really sensitive topic, you know? She's like, yeah, he's going to do great, and if he doesn't, we're all going to let him know.

Jermaine Arphul: [00:02:45] So I just want you to know that I've been very prayerful about this, I've got lots of input from ladies. This is not just, you know, some guy up here, you know, preaching. So, let's pray, and then we'll get into it. God, thank you so much for your grace. I pray that that's what we would hear today is you, Lord, would you move us closer to you? Whether we're men or women, believers, or unbelievers, I pray that your Word would move us to want to be more like you, to be motivated to live practically; to anchor to the truth, yet to also live the truth. Lord, sometimes we can be sheep that go astray and want you to follow our lead. God, my prayer is that we would follow your lead as a good shepherd, trusting that you're going to lead us to green pasture. It's in Jesus' name we pray. Amen.

Jermaine Arphul: [00:03:41] So let's go in, Titus chapter 2, I'm going to read the verses real quick, and then just give you a little bit more context and then we'll get in. So Titus, chapter 2, starting in verse 3 says, "Older women likewise are to be reverent in their behavior, not malicious gossips nor enslaved to much wine, teaching what is good, 4so that they may encourage the young women to love their husbands, to love their children, 5to be sensible, pure, workers at home, kind, being subject to their own husbands, so that the word of God will not be dishonored." Titus chapter 2, verses 3 through 5.

Jermaine Arphul: [00:04:25] Context is really, really important here. We have done a good job, I feel like, of as we've been in Titus, giving that context. And again, the context here is first century A.D., the island of Crete, they're known for being liars, even their own people were saying this. It says this in Titus chapter 1, being liars, lazy, just not good, treacherous, and it's a result of how they were living. Like I said before, they were mixing Christian values with worldly values, and it's just a mess, a big mess. And so Titus is talking to the believers, us as well, just because it was written then doesn't mean it doesn't apply to us today. God's word never changes, it's the anchor that we hold on to. The culture may change and go this way and that way, but we hold firmly to the truth, the truth that God created us out of his perfect love for us, the truth that our sin separates us from him, a holy and perfect God, the truth that God and His redemptive plan sent Jesus Christ to die for our sins, and by faith we can be in right standing with him. That's the truth, and we hold strongly to that as our anchor.

Jermaine Arphul: [00:05:49] And now Paul and Titus are saying like, hey, Paul is saying, Titus, teach them how to live based off of that truth. And so last week the message was more towards the guys, this week is towards women. It's really for all of us, it doesn't matter if you're a guy or girl, single, married, widowed, divorce, or whatever, this is for all of us to hear. I pray that our senses don't become dull just because we hear older women or younger women. And don't worry, guys, it says husbands in there, so we're going to talk about y'all too. All right?

Jermaine Arphul: [00:06:23] So again, Titus chapter 2, verse 3, context is is key. As a matter of fact, I think I got a slide where I was looking at my Instagram from years back, almost five years ago. And we have a picture, we took a picture to announce the birth of our fourth child, and he's actually going to be five on March 15th. I just got a medal for playing preschool basketball, he's running around. Anyways, he's in Creation Land right now, but at that time he was in the womb. You would think that the only person that's excited about that is Big Bro, he's just so excited, look at that cheese face, man. And then the other two I mean, you look in the comment section, it's like okay, it's big bro the only one that's excited? Like what's going on with the girls, they do not look happy that they are getting another sibling. But the reality is, the context of this picture is that they were at their Aunt CeCe’s house having a blast, and the girls were so mad that they had to leave and take a picture. Right? That's the context behind that, it wasn't that they weren't happy about Jake, but they were just mad that they had to leave.

Jermaine Arphul: [00:07:41] And that's kind of how I feel like sometimes we take, especially, some phrases and words out of these verses, is we'll take it out of context and say, oh man, Paul is saying this, or oh man, I don't like that kind of God that does this. It's like, man, we got to take the whole picture, the whole picture and bring it into play. So I just want to remind everybody about that and remind everyone that God has called us to be a living example, a Christ-like living example. That's who we're to follow, that's who we are to imitate, and that's who we are to teach, to be Christ-like living examples.

Jermaine Arphul: [00:08:19] So verse 3, it says, that older women likewise are to be Christ-like living examples. That's my first point today, older women likewise are to be Christ-like living examples. Do you notice that word likewise in there? It's referring back to everything that Paul has been saying, and God's been saying about how men are to be. So again, this is not saying, hey, we're just taking this out and we're just talking about women here. No, no, no, it's all of us, men, and women. Likewise, "Older women likewise are to be reverent in their behavior." The word reverent means set apart, almost like priestly, like that vibe, an outward expression of a Christ-like inner innerness, like, a Christ-like inner character. And when I think this, immediately, is I think of my mother-in-law, who's known as Nana, and her mom, Grana. Immediately I thought about that, and I think we have a picture of her, of them as well. And no, I'm not just trying to kiss up to my mother-in-law. And so what if I am okay? This is true, like, Nana emulates this, there's just a reverence about her that we're all just kind of like okay, it's Nana, right? She's quiet but yet strong. It's like, I don't know, she's like this whisperer to the kids to, like, I don't know how she does it, but they all flock to her. And we see that being emulated through her mom, too, she's reverent. I see Nana whenever they're at our place early in the morning reading her Bible or reading a book that accords to God. Grana, who is in her 70s, is still an active member of her church, and she talks about it a lot in a good way, I meant that in a good way. They both have this, without saying, this vibe of strength, and with saying too, because when we play Family Feud together, Grana lets us know about the rules, she lets us know. And when we play spades with Nana, it's kind of hard to cross Nana on spades. I don't want to do that; she somehow finds a way to win every time. But they're also there to give great insight to Megan, even to myself, they give great insight. It's almost like, I think about an orchestra and a conductor. A conductor doesn't say much, they lift their hand, and they just do this, and they're kind of guiding gracefully the orchestra. And also their postures towards others, right?

Jermaine Arphul: [00:11:25] "Reverent in their behavior, but not malicious gossips or enslaved to much wine." Look, Paul is speaking to a particular issue. It's not just like saying, hey, don't get drunk and don't slander or gossip. He is saying that, but like particularly in the culture then, first-century women were not working, but rather getting drunk and they were slandering, and so he's speaking to that in particular, that's why he brings up these two. I don't think I have to go much further in saying, like, it's not good to gossip, right? It's not good, the word slander, it might say slander in your translation, it translates to act like the devil, to imitate Satan. When you slander or when you gossip, you are bringing false charges that could destroy someone, that's the accuser.

Jermaine Arphul: [00:12:28] Being drunk, being controlled by wine, again, the culture back then, they admired heavy drinkers. It was a common thing for women to get drunk in Greek and Roman cultures. And bringing it into context, biblical context, we know what God says about that, God says in the New and the Old Testament, not to get sucked into that, not to get sucked into being controlled by alcohol. Ephesians 5:18 says, "Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead, be filled with the Spirit." Proverbs 20, verse 1, "Wine is a mocker and beer a brawler; whoever is led astray by them is not wise." God warns us not to let anything influence our behavior other than the Spirit of God, not other spirits. "Reverent in behavior, not malicious gossips nor enslaved to much wine." Our life should be hidden in Christ as a living example.

Jermaine Arphul: [00:13:38] And then he adds on, "Teaching what is good." By teaching what is good, older women likewise are to be reverent and to teach what is good, to teach in a way that is winsome—being a teacher of winsome goodness, teaching God things. Teaching God things, which means we need to know the things of God, and the way that we know the things of God is when we let the Word of God dwell in us richly. Amen? Colossians chapter 3. As believers, we're supposed to lift each other up with our words, with things of God. When we speak, we speak things of God, and it edifies each other as believers. But how can we do that if we don't know the Word of God? So we are called to know God's Word and let it dwell in us richly, let Jesus take residence in us. In other words, study God's Word so that she can teach sound doctrine from a place of authority.

Jermaine Arphul: [00:14:46] We see that Jesus lived that example. I love that in Acts chapter 10, verse 38, Peter talks to unbelievers and he's telling them, hey, this is who God is, and this is who Jesus is. And in verse 38 he says, "How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and power, and how he went around doing good and healing all who were under the power of the devil, because God was with him." Jesus said in John chapter 13 verse 15, "I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you." Being a living example means following Jesus, imitating him, and lifting each other up with his words. And all this, although it might look unusual to the world opposed to God, is attractive, it's attractive. So yeah, we might look different, but what a calling it is. What a calling God is saying, and not just women for all of us, to speak the things of God, to teach in a way that is winsome and teaching what is good. Why? Well, it says in verse 4, "So that they may encourage the young women." So we do these things, older women are to do these things, so to encourage, or your translation might say train or urge, urge younger women how to be Christ-like living examples.

Jermaine Arphul: [00:16:21] So older women are to train up younger women to be Christ-like living examples. That word train, or urge, I just want to quickly say that it's over the course of time, right? This isn't like, oh, tomorrow I'm going to go find a young woman and train her up, and by Tuesday, she's going to be a Christ-like living example and get frustrated when it doesn't happen. No, training them, training them takes time, it takes love and care. "So that they may encourage the young women to love their husbands, to love their children." That word love, if you want to underline it in your Bible, is not the agape love that we hear so often talked about, this is more of the relational love. Relational love with your husband, a relational love with your kids, it is a relational love.

Jermaine Arphul: [00:17:29] And when we're talking about husbands, guys, we're talking about being an Ephesians chapter 5, verses 22 through 27, husbands, like the kind of husband that loves his wife like Jesus. The kind of husband that treats her the way that he would treat himself kind of husband, the one that lifts her up, that's the husband that we're talking about here. And the application here is to make friends with your husband, right? It's a relational thing, make friends with your husband, make friends with your kids, and love them well. So ladies, we don't give our best to our friends, we don't give our best to our club or whatever group we're a part of, we give our best to the one that's right next to us, our husband. And also, this might take some creativity, okay, because guys are boring. Okay. I'm constantly reminded that I just watch sports all day long, I get it. It's going to take some creativity to love well, to love relationally well, we're boring. Love children well. Why do they put children in there? Duh, we all should just love our children. Let me tell you something, I've got four kids, okay, they're all young. Some of y'all are smiling, I see you, you know, children are hard to love sometimes. Okay? And if you're, you know this, too, even if you're a relative of the children. Okay, that's why y'all don't come around all the time, you just come around every five days or whatever, and then you're out, they're hard to love.

Jermaine Arphul: [00:19:13] Let me give you a good example. So going through this, I've been just humbled like crazy going through this, right? That's why I've said this passage isn't just for women, this is for all of us. So I help with making lunches every day for the kids, right? When it's my turn, I noticed that it's bread, bread, bread, bread, peanut butter, peanut butter, peanut butter, peanut butter, jelly jelly jelly jelly jelly, bam, throw it in there, done. When it's Megan's turn, my wife's name is Megan for those that don't know, the kids are huddled around her being relational while they're making the lunches. They have cookie cutters in the shape of a heart, they're pressing into the sandwich that they're making, and I'm like, that's a waste of bread, right? Like, she's being nutritional in her relationships with the kids, I'm functional, I'm not loving well like I should, right? Like we're called, as ladies, are called to be relational with our husbands and with our children.

Jermaine Arphul: [00:19:13] Another humbling example I'll tell you is at nighttime, those that have younger kids, you know, nighttime can be testing of our patience, long-suffering, right? Me, listen if y'all don't go to bed, you're going to pay for it tomorrow because the bus is leaving at 7:05. The bus being me taking them to school and I don't care. Megan is in the bed with them. I mean, what a great strategy, right, like they're not wanting to go to bed. So rather than try to force them, she talks them to sleep, loving well relationally, right, reading stories with them at night. And I know this has been modeled well for her because when Nana comes over, she does that with all four of them. I'm like, golly, this is going to take forever. But no, she's there being relational with them. So I know that Megan gets it from Nana, and Nana gets it from [inaudible] like it's being modeled well. Relational love is what we're talking about here.

Jermaine Arphul: [00:21:51] So that they may encourage young women to love their husbands, to love their children, to be these things, to be self-controlled, self-control, or sensible, you might see that in your translation. Self-control is not just mentioned here for women, it'll be mentioned later in verse 6, it's mentioned in verse 2 for men, verse 6, and for men in verse 8 of chapter 1. So self-control to be sober, temperate, is the idea here, like how an opera singer kind of controls her voice as she's going up and down and the pitch range controlling her diaphragm.

Jermaine Arphul: [00:22:40] Another humbling example I'm about to share with y'all. Y'all are going to get all insights into the Arphul house. When I get home, all the kids are running around crazy, and neighbors are going in and out, which is great. We've got a great place over there; we want kids to see our home as being a safe place. But let me tell y'all, it drives me crazy, its chaos, it is chaos. Those that have been to my house, you know what I'm talking about. And there's Megan, just unpacking the bags, you know, and just under control. Me, I'm a thermostat, I rise with the temperature, this is crazy in here, I can't be in here. Can you not tell them to stop doing this? I'm a thermometer, Megan's the thermostat, and it's under control, and I know I see this because Nana models it well. When she's there, everybody is just like going to her beat, even though it's crazy, she's just kind of making them march along with her. That comes from being in Christ, that's the only way that that happens, it's God balancing things out inside and so then it goes out into display.

Jermaine Arphul: [00:23:59] Pure is the next word. First John chapter 3, verse 3, you want to write that next to pure, this is a great way to explain this, Everyone who has this hope in him purifies himself, just as He is pure." So everyone who has this hope in Jesus, chastens himself, just as Jesus is chaste or pure. So the woman who has her mind set on Jesus, on her mind being more like him every day, on desiring to please him over all else, she's more concerned about becoming more like Jesus than any other achievement or accomplishment, that's pure, that's the idea of pure.

Jermaine Arphul: [00:24:49] Workers at home is the next one. Now this is a very, very sensitive one, so I want to be careful as I speak on this. Another translation could be, taking care of household affairs, keepers of the home, this often is viewed as an offensive phrase or word term in the 21st century. I think one, in a world opposed to God, anybody that's a nonbeliever, anything that has biblical value, you're not going to want to agree to it, its foolishness, right? I also think this is humbling for us as believers, I don't think that it's been modeled well as believers over time. And this goes back to, you know, like even the first century when we were reading this, like when things are mixed with Christian values, and Roman and Greek values in the world opposed to God, it's a mess and it's unattractive to other people. We don't want that. And I just think that as Christians, we haven't worn this part of the gospel well traditionally.

Jermaine Arphul: [00:26:06] So that's why when you hear like, hey, women are to be keepers of the home, you kind of get this negative connotation. I think part of it is because we haven't modeled it well. Let's talk about what it doesn't mean before we talk about what it means. What it doesn't mean is that women should only work in the home, that's what it does not mean. I know we live in a culture of soundbites, please get the whole soundbite there, okay? That means women, you can be a boss at work, I mean, we know that, or we should. What it doesn't mean is women who work in the home are inferior or have less value, you don't need to be embarrassed to say that I stay at home. What it doesn't mean is that women should only focus on throwing the best birthday parties and, you know, having the best house looking, you know? No, no, that's not what it's saying, it's not saying either that women are inferior or have less value than men, that's not what it's saying. It's not saying that women have to be married, First Corinthians chapter 7, singleness is a gift from God. It's not saying that men have no role in the home. Guys, come on now, stop playing. It's not saying that the woman has to do the dishes and the guys have to do the laundry; it's not saying that the women have to do the laundry and the guy has to do the dishes, that's not what it's saying.

Jermaine Arphul: [00:27:59] The emphasis on this is the importance of discipleship in the home. And that makes sense, right? Like home is where the heart is, right? When we leave here today and go, eventually, we're going to go back home. When we look in the Bible, especially in the Old Testament, discipleship happens in the home. Everywhere that we go, it happens, but also in the home. I'm a youth minister, we get our youth leaders, and we get y'all's kids for 30 minutes a day every Sunday, and that's if you come every Sunday. Discipleship happens in the home, and what a high calling that is for a role for a woman is to keep the home disciple in the home and to make the home hospitable. Again, it doesn't mean that women shouldn't work outside of the home, that's not what it's saying, but it is saying that there's value in the home, it's a high calling. The home is where the heart is, and you know what it's the most influential place where discipleship can happen is in the home.

Jermaine Arphul: [00:29:20] A living example of this, I was thinking, is Proverbs 31 because God's Word is living and active. And when we look at Proverbs 31, let me just read this to you, verses 28 to 31, it says this, "Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her: 29“Many women have done excellently, but you..." Woman of God, I put that in there, "...surpass them all.” 30Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised. 31Give her of the fruit of her hands, and let her works praise her in the gates." She takes care of her home, in verse 27 it talks about it, but then in verse 24 she also leads a business. Each of the characteristics are strong to have as a woman, the keeper of the home and also outside of the home. They complement each other, they're not in competition, heaven talks about that as a godly woman. I love it when you read through Proverbs 31 from ten, all the way down through 31, you'll see that like a woman of God, a godly woman, she's an excellent wife, she's an excellent mother, she's also a manufacturer, she's also a realtor, she's also a seamstress, and she's also a merchant, that's just to name a few things. Her strength and dignity do not come from her accomplishments or achievements but are a result of a reverence for God. And as you read through that, you'll see her family's social position, it's high up. Now I pray that you would see that as inspiration, not as a duty to be perfect, like a Proverbs 31 woman. I pray that this sounds inspiring through all of those things in Christ is what it's saying.

Jermaine Arphul: [00:31:49] Kind is the next word. In other words, do good. We've talked about that a little bit; it just means to want and desire to be like God. Jesus and his kindness lead us to repentance, he's the living example. Subject to their own husbands is another sensitive topic, I'm not taking that lightly. It means to be subject to oneself, to submit to one's control, and to yield to one's advice. Before I explain that, guys, again, I want to remind you this passage, this particular phrase, is under the assumption that we are talking about a godly man. We're talking about husbands, and being subject to their own husbands, the husband is the godly husband, the Ephesians, chapter five, verses 22 through 27 husbands. A man who sacrifices for his wife like Jesus sacrificed for the church. A man who loves his wife like Christ loved the church. That's the man, that's the husband that we are talking about, a husband that edifies his wife and builds her up. So what we're not talking about is being subject to an abusive man, a physically, verbally abusive, ungodly man, that is ungodly. So women if you're in that type of relationship, get out, you're not to be subject to that, and that's what the church is for, is to help you in matters like that. It's not saying that women should keep quiet, or to, you know, I've heard people say know their place, that's not what this is saying. When it says subject or submissive to their husband, that's not what it's saying, as if they're inferior. It's also not saying putting your husband above Christ, you don't put your husband above Christ, Jesus is still the main object of your affection; your husband doesn't replace Christ. Oh, what it's not saying is that you have to make less money than your husband, that is not what it's saying. It's not saying that you shouldn't have discussions with your husband about decisions either.

Jermaine Arphul: [00:31:49] Now it is saying that you are to yield to your godly husband in those decisions and those discussions. And let me give you an example because I don't know about you, but I don't know how you model that here from the stage or you know. So Megan and I, you know, we've got kids, they're all involved in sports and things like that. And those that are in the sports world, or have had kids or, you know, have relatives in the sports world, you know, they don't care about Sundays. So we try our best to work through those things about having our kids in church and, you know, making sure that they're in a place of God. It's not easy, and sometimes I have to say, hey, no, this is how it's going to be today, they're going to come to church today, right, that's an example of yielding. And I'm not, listen, please don't hear me say that Megan doesn't want my kids in church, okay? Please. She helped me give this example too, by the way. Okay, so like. I'm just trying to give it. That's a hard one, right, to illustrate, but that's an example.

Jermaine Arphul: [00:36:18] And what a beautiful picture, right? When a godly man and a godly woman come together and edify Jesus, it's beautiful. Submission is beautiful when a godly man is leading his wife and lifting her up, and edifying her, and treating her as Jesus loved the church and a woman yields to his godly divine position as a husband, a godly and loving husband is beautiful, it's attractive, it's a living example. It draws people in, it looks different, and it might even be considered weird. It's beautiful because that's how God designed our roles to be, the same in value, just different in function.

Jermaine Arphul: [00:37:10] Luke chapter 2, verse 51. Like why are you going to Luke chapter 2, verse 51? I was hit like a ton of bricks when I read this verse, okay? It says, "And he (Jesus) went down with them (His parents, Jesus had parents) and came to Nazareth and was submissive to them." Okay, let me say that one more time. Jesus had parents, and he was submissive to them. The King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the one who was the active agent in speaking things into creation, the one who sustains all things, he's holding you and me together, was submissive to his parents. So submission, it doesn't mean that women are inferior, it has nothing to do with that, and it's exemplified through how Jesus lived. He was a living example, and we can follow his lead.

Jermaine Arphul: [00:38:31] All right, verse 5, the end of verse 5 says, "So the word of God will not be dishonored." Live this way, older women train younger women and disciple younger women so that the Word of God would not be dishonored. It's kind of interesting, right? The world that hates God's standards, also are very, very quick to point out when Christians don't behave the way God tells us to. So we have extra motivation to be living examples so that the Word of God would not be dishonored. But more importantly, it's so God would be glorified. We do everything, Colossians chapter 3 verse 17 says, we do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, everything in word and in deed. We do everything in the name of Jesus under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. So if I can't say the thing in Jesus's presence, I don't say it. If I can't do the things that I want to do and Jesus's presence, then I don't do it. But the things that Jesus affirms, I say, the things that Jesus affirms to do, I do. We do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ so he can be glorified. I want to live in accordance with him because he's my king, he's who I answer to, that's our king. Jesus is our king, he's not our life coach. Let me repeat that, Jesus is our King, he's not our life coach. We don't take little bits and pieces of Scripture because he's our life coach, we take all of it because He's our king.

Jermaine Arphul: [00:40:24] Let me give you some practical examples, and then I'm going to have to wrap up. This is practical but let me give you some for today. Sign up for the 121 Discipleship program. If you've got your phones out or scan the QR code on the back of the seat, it's going to be up on the screens too. But man, if you're feeling convicted, you want to be like, man, I want to help teach younger women. Or younger women, if you're like, man, I want to be discipled well, just do it now. It's okay, you can pull out your phones, just do it. Just there's a big blue ribbon across the screen, just click on it and you'll get guided perfectly. 121cc.com, go there, big blue ribbon, click on it, and it will show you how to sign up for the discipleship program.

Jermaine Arphul: [00:41:11] Invite younger women into your world, another practical example. Our associate student minister here is Lauren Erbay, you all should get to meet her, she's awesome. Before she was engaged to her lovely fiancé, Quincy, she spent a lot of time at our house. We invited her to come into our home, and she saw the good, the bad, and the ugly, I'm sure she'll tell you. She got to see, though, how things get run in our house, the good, bad, and the ugly. So you want to get married, huh? One day, this is how it is. You want to have kids, huh? Oh, yeah, you can see it, right? What better way to disciple than just life on life?

Jermaine Arphul: [00:42:06] Oh, and also let me just throw in a quick aside, don't try to make your home look perfect, let them see you how you are. Invite them to the women's retreat, it's coming up in April. It's the perfect opportunity to meet other women in the church body to learn and grow with each other and with God. Serve in family ministries, come on now, you know, I'm a 121 students minister, right? I got to throw that in there. Serve in family ministries, we've got needs. Perfect example, let me tell you, there are lots of, I mean, even looking at them right now, lots of teenage girls who are yearning for discipleship from older women. And let me just give a quick caveat, when you step into the student world, you're going to get humbled a little bit, too, because it's not like it was back in 19-whatever. Okay. Listen, I'm serious, like, listen to them, listen to them before we start showering them with wisdom, please listen. Enjoy the fact that they're young and vibrant and do the things that we used to do, let them bring the energy. Ask them to show you how to do things, even though you may not like it inside, you're like, what is this? Just let him show you and watch them come to you. Remember, it takes time, it takes time.

Jermaine Arphul: [00:43:42] Sign up with Live Weekend, it's next weekend. We're going to have, oh yeah, yeah, we're going to have like over 200 people in here next weekend, by the way. So if you want to serve you can come to the 9:15, or I say, they told me to say that; I say just come on in, let's all just get this place packed out, you know, let's all be standing because there's so many people in here. We get one weekend, one Sunday a year, it'll be different, and you're going to like it. So just come on. Come on.

Jermaine Arphul: [00:44:15] All right, men, I told you, you're not off the hook. Pray for your wives. I don't know if we have the card, but Desiring God has this. If you just go to Google and type in Pray For Your Wives, Desiring God, there's a document that I have printed off, it's in my bathroom. It's just ten things to pray for your wife, I do it every day. Now don't go, I prayed for you like you're trying to get something special, just do it in silence. That's how you can honor her.

Jermaine Arphul: [00:44:48] Last thing you might have heard this message, or I don't know how you've heard this message. But I know in talking with my wife, Megan, she's like, man, like, I can't be perfect. That's what I'm hearing is all these things that I'm trying to, like, measure up to, and I might be good here, but not good here. It's like, how do I do this, right? Maybe you saw the picture of Gran and Nan and you're like, I wish I had that, I don't, and so maybe this sounds a little defeating.

Jermaine Arphul: [00:45:19] Well, let me just give you some encouragement, we're going to keep this thing going with my family. Real quick, can we see the video, so my kids we went to this place in South Lake, where you got to make a mess of everything. What is better than a place to go to make a mess of things and not get in trouble for it? And so they made this canvas, and they put tape over the words or the pictures that they were trying to do, they made a mess of it, right? Well, the tape had the words covered over it, and so those parts were clean. And that's what sticks out, right? Ladies, and even for all of us, not even all of us, please be reminded that Christ covers you, that's the beauty of the Gospel. So I don't know where you are at today, but tomorrow is a new day, and God covers you. You don't have to be perfect, God is, so rely on his grace, please, today. Rely on the grace of Jesus Christ. The Bible doesn't say to be a perfect mom or be a perfect woman, the Bible says that Jesus was and is perfect. None of this can happen, though, unless you leave your grave clothes behind and pick up your grace clothes. Wear your grace clothes today, and adorn the gospel, it will be attractive to those who don't know it. Remember that God clothed you with a garment of salvation and that he put a robe of righteousness over you. That's the encouragement for today, rely on the grace of God.

Jermaine Arphul: [00:47:29] God, we thank you for that good news that no matter where we are at in our lives, older, younger, men, women, single, divorced, widowed, it doesn't matter, your Grace covers it all. And I pray that we would wear our grace clothes today to glorify you but to also attract those who don't know you. Let us be more like you. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Recorded in Grapevine, Texas.
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