121 Stories - Discipleship Coming Full Circle

The Importance Of Youth Discipleship In Today's Culture

Kyndall Baze
Aug 20, 2023    2m
Do you worry about your child's relationship with Christ? Join us as a young adult shares how her own youth discipleship equipped her to navigate today's culture and allowed her to pour into the next generation. Video recorded at Grapevine, Texas.

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Kyndall Baze: [00:00:00] Hi, my name is Kyndall Baze and I've been going to 121 ever since I was in first grade. And growing up, I was always involved in sports, and so I never really had the time to go into a youth group in middle school. I was a collegiate gymnast, and so that's where all my time went, and so I really didn't get involved in youth group until Corey and Stephanie Johnson took me into their life group and really poured into me in those critical years.

Cory Johnson: [00:00:26] Going to college is one of the most pivotal times in a person's life. For many, this is when they have to decide for themselves if they're going to follow Jesus or not.

Kyndall Baze: [00:00:34] I had three years left before I went off to college, and they really showed me what it looked like to have my identity in Christ versus in athletics, which was where it had been the whole time.

Stephani Johnson: [00:00:45] I think she started coming to our life group first, and that's where we really got connected with her. We knew she was busy with gymnastics, but we were hopeful that God would give us an opportunity to invest in her life.

Kyndall Baze: [00:00:55] I really got to grow into that prior to going to college, which helped give me that firm foundation in my faith once I got there to not waver. And so they really helped me embody Ephesians 3, and my identity and where that lies. And so I was forever grateful for that.

Cory Johnson: [00:01:10] We believed that if students could begin to make that decision before, she went off to college, taking personal ownership of her faith, the odds were greater that she would continue to follow Jesus throughout college, and really beyond.

Kyndall Baze: [00:01:23] It's so important to have that kind of discipleship and mentorship in that high school critical stage of life.

Stephani Johnson: [00:01:30] It's been really incredible to have the ongoing relationship with Kyndall that we've had over the years, and it's been so cool to see her now investing in our daughter, Mikaela, who's at the same age that Kyndall was when we got to really invest in her life.

Kyndall Baze: [00:01:42] And now it's so cool, it's a full circle moment how Corey and Stephani's oldest daughter, Mikaela, is a sophomore in high school. I got to be her leader for Live weekend, and so just pouring into her in that critical stage of her life like they did me, it's such a full circle moment in a Jesus thing. Like all praise that I was placed in that situation, you know, and Mikaela was able to come up from Austin. So it's just a gift to be able to pour into her.

Recorded in Grapevine, Texas.
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