Friday, June 16 – Acts 16:34

Jun 15, 2023

And he brought them into his house and set food before them, and was overjoyed, since he had become a believer in God together with his whole household. 


What is the most extraordinary change you’ve ever seen Jesus make in a person?


Acts 16:34 makes clear in no uncertain terms that the salvation of the jailer was far more than an emotional decision made from fear of death. In fact, in his newfound salvation the man seemed to have been even more prepared to face death. There is no other explanation for why he would bring Paul and Silas into his home, wash their wounds, feed them, and invite them to teach his entire family about Jesus. Paul and Silas were prisoners who the jailer’s employers had beaten, stripped, and put in chains. Yet the jailer treated them as dear friends and perhaps even family.


As the jailer experienced, there is unexplainable joy in salvation. That joy causes a shift in attitude, perspective, work, and relationships. It compels love for people you would otherwise hate. It prompts care, kindness, and acts of service.


Jesus changes everything.


Has Jesus changed everything for you? Are you overjoyed because you have become a believer in God together with other people? Do you relate to people more as an oppressor or as a servant? What do you need to let Jesus change for you? Extraordinary change is possible for you and for everyone you know. God did it then, and He can do it now.


  • What evidence of faithfulness do we find in the jailer’s life?
  • What evidence of faithfulness do you want others to find in your life?
  • Thank Jesus for the extraordinary change He brings to every life that surrenders to Him in faith. Invite Him to keep changing you.
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