Monday, February 5 – Titus 1:5

Feb 4, 2024

For this reason I left you in Crete, that you would set in order what remains and appoint elders in every city as I directed you.


When a large group of people is trying to decide where to eat, the numerous preferences, personality types, and ideas on even minor subjects become apparent quickly. Even in a room full of good ideas, it is hard to get a group to decide unanimously what to do without leadership. A leader helps people hear all the voices in the room and guides the group to a decision. This is the way we often get routine things done, but this is also important in the church.


As the body of Christ, we make up a group of different people with many ideas, personality types, and opinions. We are all at different points of maturity in our faith and come from different backgrounds. Left to our own devices, unity in the church would be challenging, to say the least. Paul did not only set up one church with elders, but he also set this to be the pattern in every city because unity is not something needed only in one church, it is the call for the church everywhere. Every church needs spiritually healthy leadership. This is not to say the leaders have “arrived” because they live in the same dependence on Christ as others. But having their leadership helps us make decisions, understand the Word in a way we couldn’t on our own, and grow in areas where we might otherwise stay stagnant. Ultimately, we follow these leaders as they humbly follow the leadership of Christ.


God knows our nature and our tendency toward dissension and distance from Him, and He wisely gives us leaders to point to unity in Him. May we be a people who are thankful for our leaders and pray for them as they guide the flock under God’s leadership.


  • Who is one leader you are thankful in our church? Why?
  • How have leaders in our church been formative in your faith?
  • Pray and thank God for your elders and leaders in the church.
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