Tuesday, February 6 – Titus 1:6

Feb 5, 2024

Namely, if any man is beyond reproach, the husband of one wife, having children who believe, not accused of indecent behavior or rebellion.


Have you ever followed people who didn’t know where they were going? Sometimes people are easy to follow because they are at the front of the group making a path that looks right, but maybe they have not checked the directions to know where they are going. Being in the front for people to see and follow is not what makes a good leader. In this passage, we are reminded there is more to a leader than good work ethic and charisma. Paul’s qualifications for a leader in the church start with qualifications that are evident in his lifestyle. He called for external realities as evidence of the heart inside the person leading. These characteristics are not just one-time examples but require a lifetime of consistency in godly character. A life of dependence on God and living in His way impacts the way a leader directs the group. It changes the direction from aimlessness to directed by God. This means leaders follow His direction in their own lives and show others how to live this way too.


Does your relationship with God impact your life in this way? Does it change the decisions you make? Being a leader means more than being the loudest or even the most knowledgeable in the room. A leader knows where he or she is going and shows others how to go in that way. Faith is to be lived out and passed on and should impact every part of our lives, even when we feel ill-equipped for the job.


  • Who are some people who give evidence of a life with Christ? What is different about them?
  • Where have you been given influence or leadership? How are you seeking to lead toward Christ in these areas?
  • Pray and ask God to grow your faith so it impacts every aspect of your life as you lead others.

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