Thursday, February 23 – Exodus 15:11

Feb 22, 2023

Who is like You among the gods, Lord?

Who is like You, majestic in holiness,

Awesome in praises, working wonders?

By their nature, unique things stand out from the crowd and are often given greater value because of their uniqueness. Many famous artists are preserved in history because of their uniqueness: what they did stood out in their time and led others to follow their path in future generations. But uniqueness can only be appreciated as we learn to recognize and value it. We only recognize the value of a work of art as we understand the skill and technique required to complete it.


We often get so caught up in the demands of everyday life that we don’t have eyes to see and appreciate God’s grandeur. We get caught up with common things and forget to pause to recognize God’s hand in these things. We become accustomed to our own ways of living and getting things done, and we don’t open our eyes to the wonders God is working in the process. Our God is greater than any other. He is majestic in holiness. He is awesome in praises and working wonders. Will we live our lives distracted with the busyness of today, or will we open our eyes to who He is and recognize His rightful place as Lord of all?


  • What are some ways you are reminded God is holy?
  • When have you lost perspective of who God is? How did that affect that time of your life?
  • Pray today’s verse, then continue in prayer praising God for how you have seen Him work uniquely and wonderfully in your life.
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