Wednesday, February 22 – Psalm 99:9

Feb 21, 2023

Exalt the Lord our God

And worship at His holy hill,

For the Lord our God is holy.


Where do you give most of your attention in a day? What are the things you prioritize as most important? Many good and purposeful things fill our days. We work, care for those in our home, clean, and serve. The list goes on and on. There are also things that consume our time that are less important. It is a constant struggle to manage the short time we have well—to invest in things that matter in the long run while also taking care of things of today.


This exhortation from the psalmist does not come with any caveats for those who are in a specific season of life; it is a call for every person and a reminder of our purpose. God is holy. He is high above us. He is the Creator and Sustainer of all. We were designed and created to worship Him, and our daily activities should lead us to do so. Every day we can make much of who God is, reminding ourselves of our true purpose in Him. When we put Him in His rightful place in our lives—as our holy, heavenly Father who has equipped us, redeemed us, and set us free for a purpose—our perspective starts to change. Because He is holy, we are no longer only working toward the next vacation, we are worshiping Him in the mundane moments of our jobs. When we serve our families, we are not only trying to make it to bedtime, but we are also fulfilling His purpose to pass on who He is to the next generation. When we recognize His holiness, our priorities start to shift, and our perspective becomes clearer. Ultimately, we gain joy and purpose because life becomes more than this passing moment; it becomes an opportunity to continually exalt the One who holds time itself.


  • How can you take time today to exalt the Lord as the psalmist encouraged?
  • Who do you know that exalts the Lord with his or her life? What is different about that person’s life? How might you encourage him or her in that today?
  • Pray and take time to recognize who God is. Ask Him to let His holiness shape the way you see your daily challenges.



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