Thursday, January 19 – John 17:17

Jan 18, 2023

Sanctify them in the truth; Your word is truth.


Many different phrases in our culture speak to how people and our environment affect us. We use phrases like “peer pressure” to emphasize how we can be influenced by people or “you are what you eat” to express how food affects your body. John 17 is a prayer Jesus prayed for His disciples, He prayed for us to be sanctified, or set apart for God’s purpose. He didn’t expect this to be a work we would complete on our own. He prayed for us to be equipped with the truth. Where do we find this truth? In His Word.


God has not kept the truth for a specific elite or only for the disciples who walked with Jesus. He has made His Word accessible to us. His truth is right at our fingertips and in our language so that we can be equipped, know Him more, and be made like Him each day. What would it look like if we were truly influenced by the Word, not just reading it but being changed by it? Charles Spurgeon once said “The more truth you believe, the more sanctified you will be. The operation of truth upon the mind is to separate a man from the world unto the service of God.”[1] Have you made it a point in your life to know the Word and believe what it says? When we take God at His Word, life might look different than we expect. We might have to step out of reacting in a way that feels natural. But when we are changed by the Word, asking Him to transform us, we can be confident that He will equip us to make a lasting impact in the world.


  • What are some things that influence you?
  • How does your time in the Word affect you in daily life?
  • Pray and thank God for giving us such a clear way

[1] David Guzik, “Study Guide for John 17 ,” Blue Letter Bible, accessed December 1, 2022,

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