Tuesday, January 30 – Titus 1:3-4

Jan 29, 2024

but at the proper time revealed His word in the proclamation with which I was entrusted according to the commandment of God our Savior; To Titus, my true son in a common faith: Grace and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Savior.


Who has been formative in your faith journey? Many of us can list parents, Sunday School teachers, or friends who have made an eternal impact on our faith. They have encouraged us and walked with us through the hard days and the mountaintop moments. Those people didn’t just tell us about the things we needed to get by, they pointed us to eternal hope.


The next question may not be as easy as the first: Who have you poured into as a follower of Christ? Who have you invested in and cared for to the point you could call them sons or daughters in the faith? We all advise to some degree, whether we are raising children, leading a team at work, or talking to a younger sibling. We teach them what we know, and we train them in the things we have been taught. This habit of pouring into someone is not a foreign concept for us: it is something God made us to do. Investing in someone spiritually does not need to be a daunting task. You have been given this faith for a purpose, to glorify God and share it with others. God has designed your story in a unique way to give testimony of who He is to others who are wrestling with questions. Surrender to the Lord and ask Him who He would have you pour into for His glory.


  • What were some meaningful moments when someone poured into your faith? How did that impact you?
  • Why do we often find it challenging to encourage others in faith?
  • Pray and ask God to show you who He would have you pour into, starting today.



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