Tuesday, March 28 – Mark 10:6

Mar 27, 2023

But from the beginning of creation, God created them male and female.


When children test a boundary, parents often must establish the reason the boundary has been set. What most children fail to see is that the boundary was set for a reason; often long before they were even born. As long as we have had roads, parents have been setting boundaries to keep children from wandering aimlessly into traffic. Since the discovery of fire, we have been told not to touch it. Seeing the reason behind their parents’ boundaries— considering their time, age, and world around them—can help children.


No human could capture the beauty and complexity of God. But part of being made in His image means being made for relationship. Adam had no one to relate to that was like him, so God created Eve. They were made to relate, yet set within boundaries of male and female as distinct people who reflected God to the world in different ways. This was by God’s specific and intentional design.”


It’s hard for us to grasp this because we feel so far removed from the first man and woman God made. There are many things that we would like to define on our own or grow and modify to change with what we feel and see in the world, but just as many of the boundaries a child faces extend far beyond their time, the way God has established His creation is rooted in eternity. When we consider who we are, where we are going, or who we want to be, some of our feelings and instincts will be helpful and others will lead us astray. But when we come back to the foundation of life as God has established it—rooting our purpose in Him—we find the meaning we have been searching for.


  • How have God’s purposes changed the way you view yourself?
  • How do you look to God through His Word to see what He says about who you are and your purpose? How would this change your daily habits?
  • Pray and ask God to help you trust the way He has established creation from the beginning and to live according to His ways.
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