Tuesday, November 21 – Joshua 23:9

Nov 20, 2023

For the Lord has driven out great and mighty nations from before you; and as for you, no one has stood against you to this day.


When have you seen God work in a powerful way? How did that change your understanding of Him? When we witness the good works of others, it often shapes our perspective of them. We start to respect them and may trust them with something important to us. We may tell them something in confidence, believing they won’t share our secrets with others. It is important to not only know a person is trustworthy but to see him or her to be trustworthy. Yet even as evidence suggests we can trust another person, we still have to take the step forward and choose to actually trust him or her.


God does not only say He is trustworthy, but He has also proven it time and again. God does not just claim to be powerful but has shown His power throughout generations and peoples. The question is, will we resolve to put our trust in Him, or will we remain determined that our way is the best way? Will we try to take care of our burdens, or will we cast all our anxieties on Him, believing He cares for us? God has done many mighty works. He has been faithful to His promises. He has fought and won the battles for His people for generations. Will you trust Him with the battles in your life today?


  • How have you learned God’s trustworthiness over time?
  • In what ways have you struggled to trust God’s power?
  • Pray and ask God to grow your faith and help you trust Him and His ability to work in the battles of your life.



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