Wednesday, January 3 – Psalm 90:12

Jan 2, 2024

So teach us to number our days,

That we may present to You a heart of wisdom.


We use many phrase to communicate the brevity of life like, “Life is short, make it count!” When an older person sees a young family they may say, “Hug them tight! These days will be gone before you know it!” So many times, these reminders come with a call to action—savor the days you have or make them meaningful. There is something hardwired inside of us to be intentional and give our best effort when we have limited time to do it.


So often we get stuck in the rut of the routine and forget to make the days we have count because we are only focused on getting through the next thing. We get caught up waiting for a season to be over and don’t live to our full potential during it. The brevity of life can often be overwhelming, but we don’t have to be overwhelmed because we know the Author of life. We know He is the One who gives us purpose for every day as we follow Him.


Most of us would say we want a heart of wisdom, but this means facing realities that may make us feel uncomfortable. Our life will have an end; our time is limited; and we don’t know what tomorrow will bring, so let us look to the One who has our life in His hands and a purpose for our short days. He will equip us for whatever tomorrow may bring. It is easy to try to escape these hard realities of life, but it is in looking to Him that we gain a heart of wisdom and find satisfaction for all we need.


  • What are some things that remind you life is short?
  • What are some things that distract you from making the most of every day for God’s glory?
  • Pray and thank God for being the Author of life. Pray this verse over your life and the new year.

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